Monday, April 25, 2011


Royce and Remi playing in the sand.

the kids playing dodge ball.

Royce loves the sand box and burying the rake.

Royce's face looks funny ha. But look at that jump! and his hair haha.

Royce loves the trampoline!

Deena and Royce running fast

Royce with his 2 Easter baskets.

Found another Easter egg!

and another....

he doesn't quite see this egg. We had to show him. then he picked it up and put it back haha.

here is the beginning of the Easter egg hunt.

Royce digging into his Easter basket. he was soo excited! and looked so handsome!


We really enjoyed Easter this year. Royce is getting so big and understanding a lot more. he spotted his Easter basket and went right to it and started digging through it. it was fun to see his little face light up as he took everything out.

Of course I can't just write about our Easter treasures without including out Savior! I KNOW he lives and I know He made it possible for us to live again as well! I am grateful for my Savior and His sacrifice for me. What a wonderful blessing to know of my Saviors love and all he has done for me.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

100 day Challenge

At the beginning of the year, well OK Jan 10Th I decided I wanted to start reading the Book of Mormon. Every night Reyn was getting Royce down to bed and I had about 20 minutes of just me time. So I decided to read. At first I wanted to just have it read by May, then as my reading began I decided to have it read by 100 days. I am so grateful for the time I was able to get to read and to have my testimony strengthened. I learned so many new things about the Book of Mormon and I gained a stronger love for my Savior. I have probably only really read the whole Book of Mormon 3 times in my life. I've started it a few times and just skimmed around. Or I've read it with my family growing up, but family scripture study with 5 kids is hard and I didn't really take much out of it growing up. Well I actually did probably come out of our family scripture reading with something. Because I did have a testimony then. And I did appreciate the time we did read together. I am grateful for that family scripture time even if some times were complete chaos. In seminary i know I've read it but I did it just to say i did it. While Bro Moon would teach us about the Book of Mormon I did enjoy learning and the way he taught. I did come out with a bunch of notes and neat insights. Just me personally studying the Book of Mormon i didn't really try to gain much. Reyn and I read it together our first year of marriage which was wonderful! I am so blessed to have him to teach me things that I didn't really know or understand before. So now doing this 100 day challenge was just for me I am so grateful that i did it. I've always had a testimony in the Book of Mormon I've always had a testimony that the church is true. I just had a lot of neat eye openers while reading. And I feel like I have learned soo much that i am sure i knew before, it just all stuck out to me this time in different ways this time. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the scriptures. I am so grateful for the time that Reyn gave me to read them . it was and is such a rewarding feeling to accomplish something I had my mind set to accomplish. I finished at 98 days! My goal now is to read the Doctrine and Covenants.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Reyn and I at FOGO DE CHAO.

Our dessert :) Reyn made reservations online and it asked for a special occasion and he put "anniversary" so when they brought out our dessert this is how it looked! So sweet!
Light was too bright so we disappeared haha. But that is us standing in front of the sign.
When Reyn came home to pick me up he brought me these :) I love receiving flowers!

We've made it to 6 years! And I am so blessed to have Reyn as my spouse for time and all eternity! Reyn did a good job at surprising me with our anniversary night out. He told me to be ready by 5 and to be dressed nice and to be starving. :) So I was obedient and was ready and excited, and starving :) We really enjoyed the restaurant. We ate sooo much though! I am grateful for Reyn. I am a lucky girl! Happy 6 years to us!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lakeside trip-Amanda's bridal shower

Royce making a "snow" angel

King Royce in Hannah's bed. He slept with her the night we stayed up there. Thanks Hannah for letting him take over your bed.

Royce in Hannah's room watching Sponge bob.

Amanda opening all her gifts! She got a lot of really good stuff!

Amanda opening my gift.

the delicious food table! it was SO good!
Dad was in charge of picking up her cake! And this is what he did with it! Oh dad!

Papa was in charge of entertaining Royce during the shower. I came in to check on them and Royce was just hanging out they were watching A Bugs life.

Uncle Donny playing legos with Royce.


sleet - driving to Globe.
Busy weekend. Friday I had Lena then had to get packed up. Saturday morning Royce and I drove to Aubrey's mom in laws house to pick her up. Then we drove on to Globe to get Grannie. It rained/sleeted/snowed the entire drive! We go up to Lakeside for all the snow! It snowed about 6 inches the whole day Saturday. I was worried that because of the snow that there may not be a good turn out to Amanda's shower. But I was pleasantly surprised at how many people did come! It was great! Amanda had such great support and received SO many great gifts! It was a lot of fun. That night we watched Fire in the Sky. Then Sunday came around and the snow slowly started to melt. The morning was barely 8 degrees! But luckily warmed up some. We went to sacrament then came home and loaded up the truck. The roads were all cleared up by the time we left and We were glad to see Reyn! I have such a hard time traveling and staying over night with out Reyn. I am glad Royce and I were able to go up though. I am glad we were able to spend that time with my family. Royce was very excited to see Reyn, so was I. Well be going back up there in less than a month for Amanda and Cj's wedding! Can't wait!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Royce! / the thompson's visit!

Aunt Diana,Uncle Vaughn and their 2daughters, Sydney and Chloe came to visit! They stayed with us Friday night and took us to breakfast Saturday! We had so much visiting with them! They drove here from Florida! The plan was for the girls to fly back Saturday and Uncle Vaughn was going to drive back. But their flight was cancelled. And they ended up driving back home Sunday! What a long trip for them! We are very grateful they were willing to drive out and see us! I know they sacrificed a lot coming out here! We really enjoyed them! We will have to make the next trip to them. We love them and are very grateful for the time we got to spend with them! I am so glad they got to meet Royce and Reyn! Great Aunt Diana with Royce! He finally warmed up to her and let her hold him.

cousin Chloe - Royce would go to her and play. it was cute!
aunt Diana, Sydney, Chloe, Royce, me and Amanda
great uncle vaughn! it was so fun to see their family!

OK so Royce loves to wear these particular shoes of mine. he usually just wears them to the kitchen and leaves them in front of the dryer. but this time he stopped to paint for a minute.

Royce and Maddie hung out a little while back. He loves having her here. They are cute little friends.
Royce and Lena blowing bubbles. Royce seriously LOVES blowing bubbles!
My little artist!

Time is just flying bye! Royce is growing up to fast! He loves to do arts and crafts! he loves to paint the most! this kids will spend hours painting and putting together little things. I do sit with him and help him and we paint together. I usually have to make sure i have a good 2 hours to spend painting with him. Royce is an amazing little boy. he is talking so much. Reyn always whistles to get his attention and now Royce says "whoo hoo" to get our attention. it is so funny! we love how much he is learning and how much he is growing. i am so grateful that i am able to spend everyday with him! there are so many things he does everyday and new things he learns everyday I am glad I get see it all. Royce is overall a really well behaved little guy. He is very friendly and easy going. I am so blessed to be his mom. he makes us laugh daily. Royce will be 3 in august! where has that time gone! seriously i can't believe it's been this long with him already! he was such a tiny baby now he is our short little toddler! he is such a busy kid goes nonstop all day! he doesn't nap like he used to. sometimes i can get him to take a good nap. but overall he is done with the nap scene. he still sleeps all night usually 11 to 12 hours a night! which is great! he loves going to joy school! he loves his little friends. we love our little Royce!