Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finally a Christmas post

I think Dec 23rd we got together with some friends and family. We made ginger bread houses and let the kids play crazy! Then we did a gift exchange with the kids and they loved it. Royce loves having friends over to play with. It's so fun to watch him interact with other kids.

Royce and Reyn putting together a gingerbread house. I think Royce ate candy, lots of candy instead of helping.

Although this picture makes me need to swallow my tongue haha, but it does appear like he is helping. I do think over all though that he just ate and ate and ate candy.

The kids opening and checking out their new gifts :) Royce got Ratatouille, I was more excited than he was. Great gift :)

Our heater was out for a few months. so we got to use the fire place. I love the sound of crackling wood. A fire in the fireplace is so cozy. :)


Reyn: Royce wake up Santa was here with gifts for you.

Royce: No I don't want Santa to come to our house.

Reyn: He just brought you presents, he isn't here anymore.

Royce: Santa said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROYCE!"


Royce: Oh yeah

I am sad, I didn't get a picture in front of the Christmas tree of Royce. Every year I have had a pic of him on a chair in front of it. This was all I got of him near the tree.

We had to wake him up early to get to church at 9. And get his presents opened and showered and ready on time. It took a minute for him to really know what was going on.

Reyn is always so good and prepares a stocking for Royce and I. I am not that great with the secret stocking stuff. But Reyn always fills them up for the 2 of us. Good daddy and hubby :0)
I like how Royce decided to try to shove his whole head into his stocking instead of just dumping it out. lol

Skipping over to see what is in the big box.

I guess I didn't get anymore pictures. He got more geo tracks for his Cars train track. he was so excited for it! We set it up for him and he didn't want to leave it.

We had a wonderful Christmas. We've been so blessed this last year.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Last week of Reyn's rotation - Dec 2011

Our drive home was pretty. We were worried we'd be snowed in. But roads were clear all the way home. And we had a beautiful scenery to enjoy.

Royce was jammed packed in the back seat with all our luggage.

Aunt Hannah and Royce walking in from the fun time in the snow. Royce loved playing outside , but it took probably 15 minutes to really get into it. Once he did it was hard to get him to come back inside.

Eating the snow. He thought it was so neat that he could lick it haha.

The snow was so soft and new that it was hard to make a snowman. And while I was trying to pack it down Royce decided to throw snowballs at me. He thought that was pretty funny.

Every once in a while he would decide to help me pack down the snow. With out throwing it at me.

I love windmills. And when we saw this one I made my dad pull over so we could get a picture of it. It's so pretty!

Royce loves to make snow angels!

My truck didn't move from that spot for a good 3 days i think. But dad was able to bring us back and forth to town when we needed to.

Hole in One! AMAZING! It is out on Bourden Ranch Road and it has one of the best burgers i have ever eaten. Doesn't look like it'd be that great. But seriously sooo good!