Thursday, July 29, 2010

To be that person

On Monday of this week I drove up to the mtn with out Reyn. :( Royce and I loaded up we picked up Aubrey drove to Globe and picked up Grannie then arrived in Lakeside. I have such a hard time being away from Reyn over night. But I felt that I had to go to the mtn. A dear friend of mine passed away and his funeral was on Tuesday. I felt that I needed to pay my respects to him and his family. He wasn't my close friend probably ever, but Hans was one of those people that if you know him you will always be his friend. I had piano with him when I was younger. He was always good at it and always did what he was told by the piano teacher. I on the other hand never practiced and never progressed. My mom just said I had to do piano for 2 years. So I eeked my way by. Which I thoroughly regret. I wish so badly that I paid attention. I regret that I don't have any idea how to play the piano. :( Anyway this isn't about piano haha. So back to Hans. This man lead a full beautiful life. Although he died young, he had lived more than some that die old. That statement was said at his funeral. And it is the truth. He did ever thing and anything to serve others. Hans had a very sure strong grasp on the gospel. He just had it together. Even though he was a convert you would of thought he was a member his whole life. I really enjoyed hearing stories of his life. The fun he had and the service he gave. He had a beautiful little family that he left behind. Which my heart still aches at the thought of them. But we are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives. To know that Hans is just on another "mission" and that he will be with his family again someday. After going to his funeral and hearing only great things of Hans and knowing that there isn't a person in this world that could say anything bad about him. After that I have realized that I hope to have that same legacy. I hope that someday I can be known as a great friend to everyone I meet. I hope that I can say I lived a full beautiful life. And that I had an impact on somebody. After his funeral I feel like it has really put things into perspective. The important things in life. And it isn't the popularity or the fancy things. It is my family and the gospel and living as Christ like as I can. Just as Hans did. There is a quote "Live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God will come to know God because they know you" -unknown- This quote reminds me of Hans. And reading this quote makes me want to try harder to be a better person. To be a better friend and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I want to be a better wife and mom and sister and daughter. Thank you Hans for being such a wonderful example to so many. At his funeral his brother said that their dad always said "it isn't good bye, it's see ya later" I love that. So see ya later Hans. Thanks for your wonderful legacy you left behind.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

busy busy

I LOVE this face haha! He cracks me up! We went with a friend to the art center for youth.

Uncle Donny and Royce in their fort

Royce's chocolate mustache and goatee

Hanging out in his pool in the backyard.

The last few weeks have been crazy! The last week of June I watched my niece and nephew. I drove out to their house and we swam and hung out. My niece Landis and I went to see Eclipse on that Friday. And I loved it! :) Royce enjoyed the company of his older cousins and seemed to enjoy their dog Casper. He was calling Casper, Basket. Haha. If the kids would yell out to Casper to be quiet Royce would be right behind them yelling "BASKET!" It was really cute. haha. For the 4th of July my family came down. Except my mom wasn't able to she had to work :(. We hung out and had fun. We didn't go to any of the festivities. We avoid keeping Royce out passed his bed time. We regret it every time. So we just came home and put him to bed. Donny stayed with us that week. And Royce LOVED IT! They played with cars and went swimming and they built blanket forts. We enjoyed having Donny here with us for the week. Then my mom and Hannah came down and on Saturday we went dress shopping with Aubrey! It was really fun. We spent a long time searching but came out with the perfect dress in the end. It really is such a gorgeous wedding dress! Aubs look STUNNING! Grannie was down here with mom and Hannah and we went to our cousins reception. That was fun. Good to see the family that we never get to see. Everyone went home that weekend. Hannah was supposed to stay with us for the next week. But she was excited to get home because dad finished her bed. And she really wanted to work on her room. We were sad she didn't stay but we understand. So July 12th Royce started swim lessons. He goes Mon thru Thurs for 10 mins each day. We are now on his 7th lesson tomorrow. He is doing pretty good. He screams nonstop the whole time haha. Well this week he has been doing better. Not screaming so much. He floats really well. And he can monkey walk. And he holds his breath pretty well. Miss Jennifer will have him swim to the wall and grab on and monkey walk. He doesn't like being on his back at all. So when she has him on his back "night night" he screams. Then she has him wake up and he is fine. He just has 2 more days of swim lessons. Then it is up to me to keep his memory fresh of all the things he has learned. It is recommended to go through another session but I don't think I have the energy to go 2 more weeks. It has been such a hectic summer for me. I am just happy that I got Royce the 2 weeks of swim lessons. Last night Reyn had a White coat ceremony for P.A school. They give the 2012 P.A's their white coats that they will be wearing during their clinical rotations. It was pretty neat watching Reyn go through it. Because even though he still has 2 years til he is done at least he is that much closer than he was before. We had dinner with his family and enjoyed our time together. :) Reyn has 3 more weeks of stressful classes. Then he gets a 3 week break. In that 3 weeks time we hope to be in San Diego and Lakeside. Getting out of the heat. ;) I started working out again. I really want to lose another 10 to 15 pounds before Aubs wedding. Which is Sept 3rd! So actually reasonably I will prob get 6 or 7 lbs off by her wedding. And then keep on working the pounds off from there. So there you have it. The busy summer with the Gunnells :) This is really more just for my journaling purposes haha. But there is our update.