Saturday, February 26, 2011



I LOVE LOVE LOVE this top picture! All these pictures just prove what a wonderful daddy Reyn is!

helping Royce set up a sand hill so he could drive his tractor over it.

these boys LOVE the ocean!

I love how Royce is showing Reyn his cars and how intently Reyn is listening.

Royce loves the play ground and Reyn does anything to help make it more enjoyable for him. What a good daddy :)

Happy Birthday Reyn! We love you so much! We are so very grateful for you! We are so proud of you as well! Thanks for all your hard work in school, church and here at home. You are a great example. We love you! Hope you have a wonderful day.
(sorry you are spending most of the day studying)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catch up

Valentines Day!

Royce and Lena are so cute! Such fun little friends! Having Lena here is so fun and very good for Royce.

Reyn Surprised me with this beautiful delicious Edible Arrangement for V-day :) I made tortilla soup which was so good ;) Good job babe!

Royce helped me make Valentines cards for the kids in Joy School they had a Valentines day party! SO cute! (The hearts are Royce's hands I traced them and then glued them together, I also had him color the pictures on the front)
I also had Royce help me make Valentines cards for his cousins and for grandma Gunnell.
I learned how to make this bead bracelet! :) I lOVE IT! I have made 3 more since learning. I still haven't gotten them down yet, but I am learning.
I made this Purse photo book for Jill the gal I babysit for.

El Charro

Royce and his cousin Ridge sharing grandma Ellen's soda! (notice Royce's black eye :(, it was there for a good week and a half, the worst he has gotten ever!) *Royce tripped and fell in our closet and hit the shoe rack, instant black eye! I felt so bad. But it seems to be all better now.
Royce helped me make cookies for the super bowl party we had. He dipped his dinosaur tail in the dough and was licking it off.
Sunrise - Reyn and my dad coming down the slopes :)
BACK TO THE SUPER BOWL PARTY - pics got out of order haha.

Reyn and Royce enjoying some IBC cream soda.

All the kids were sent to the AZ room to watch Toy Story 3. They all had such a great time together, running around, playing, watching tv, eating......! It was a blast for the kids. We had AMAZING food too!
ROYCE LOVE THE PIANO AND MUSIC AND DANCING AND SINGING! - I've only got a piano picture to post though.
Trying to reach the pedals and play at the same time. Royce loves his music!