Thursday, October 13, 2011


I haven't really blogged about Royce in a while. He is such a great little boy! I am so blessed to be his mom! Royce is one of the sweetest little boys i know. He always says "mom I yuv (love) you." And hugs and kisses me all the time. Since I've been pregnant I am tired a lot and haven't been much fun for him. The first few weeks i napped a lot. And as soon as I would lay down on the couch Royce would say " mom you tired?" I'd tell him I just needed a little nap. And he would play quietly while I slept for about 20-30 minutes. He would gently wake me up by lifting my eye lid and say "oh hi mom you wake up now, lets play!" Royce has been such a trooper the last few weeks. I am just so lucky to have him in my life.

This summer he did swim lessons and did really good. He loves to swim! And he is pretty good.

Here he is swimming to Reyn. He just jumps off the steps and off he goes.

These two pics are 2 different times. this was after he jumped off the diving board. Jumping to Reyn (obviously) ha.

Here is jumping in to me. He would jump off the diving board all day if we'd let him.

wearing goggles, he doesn't like wearing them. But he looks cute haha

Royce raced these trucks from the kitchen into the living room and everywhere else. He is pretty good at entertaining himself for the most part. which has been a huge blessing with me not up for playing all the time.

For about a week Royce wouldn't go anywhere with out his sunglasses. He wore them in the house, outside, in the grocery store anywhere and everywhere. He had to have them on.

this was at the indoor swap meet. He always had a phase where he went everywhere with his hat on. he loved to wear it.

One day Reyn yelled for me to come to his room. And this was where he was haha. Silly boy!!!

Royce tucked himself into my bed! We do not let him sleep with us. But he thinks it is funny to get cozy and act like he is going sleep there. Luckily he sleeps great in his own room and his own bed. He's a silly boy.

Royce was watching a movie and he got out a blanket and pillow and just plopped down. this was how he laid for about 10 minutes.

We love Royce so much! He has his moments but what kid doesn't. For the most part he is very well behaved. He is very good with saying Thank you and sometimes good at saying please. Today we were walking into Target and the doors automatically opened for us and he said " Thank you doors!" haha. I scratched my belly (cuz it is itchy!) And he said "mom stop scratching your belly! The baby is in there!" He always points to my belly and says "how's the baby?" Royce will be a great big brother. I feel so so blessed knowing he is my son! He always puts a smile on my face. He always says the funniest things. We love Royce!!