Thursday, December 30, 2010


Papa got Royce a fire truck! Royce LOVES it! It will stay in Lakeside though because I have no where to put it here. And Royce doesn't understand how to ride it yet.

But he loved to sit in it and get pushed around. And he would put his sippy cups in the back.

Cars geo track set from Gma and gpa Gunnell! Royce loves Cars and he loves trains! Best of both worlds!

Royce got a car bed a while back. And we got him Cars Bedding! He loves it!

Every year I try to get a picture of Royce in front of the tree. Well this year he wouldn't let me do the regular sit in the rocking chair picture. Instead he was showing me the mouse he made at Joy School. And when I tried to get him to sit down in the rocking chair he yelled at me. SO no rocking chair picture this year.
We had a wonderful Christmas! We started our Christmas morning opening our gifts at our house. Then we went to Reyn's parents house for the family Christmas gathering. Which is always so nice! WE have a big breakfast and all the family is there. It is a great time :) WE did get pretty spoiled this year. After the Gunnell family Christmas we then drove up to Lakeside for the Borrego Christmas! We really enjoyed our time up there. The whole family was there too! It is just so wonderful to be surrounded by family. WE had a great dinner up there and opened our presents. WE got lots of great things up there too. We are so very blessed with great families. We didn't have a white Christmas though, it snowed after we left. I do like a white Christmas, but I do not like being cold. Royce loved hanging out with uncle Donny and Aunt Hannah. They are so good with him. I am so grateful for our wonderful families. They both take such good care of us. WE hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. And we get to welcome in 2011! SO HAPPY NEW YEAR also! Where does the time go?! Seriously ?!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

These are the pictures we had taken a while back

We had Riguel Uvaldo take our pictures of us. It was mainly pictures of Royce. We didn't get many of the family. But it was pretty much Royce's photo day. Riguel spent 2 hours with us. And was so patient with us. Royce was ALL over the place! Getting him to sit still for a picture was a joke haha. But Riguel did a great job at keeping up with him. And chasing him around to get the perfect pictures! I am very happy with how they all turned out. This is just a few of them. Now I just need to get them printed so I can display them in our house! We are very pleased with Riguel's work. Thanks so much :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010

here is our cute little wolfman! I finally got Royce to wear this costume. But there was some bribery used. I had to give him tic tacs and mints. But I did manage to get some very cute pictures of our guy! We love Royce so much! He brings us so much joy! We are very grateful to have him in our lives!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What have we been up to?

Royce stacking his goldfish on his jello fish. This is during Joy School today.

Royce helping me mop at grannie Borrego's house. He is such a good helper.

Here he is again working hard. :) I LOVE THIS BOY! He is so sweet.

Royce was tucking in his crayons and saying "nigh night" to them. It was really cute.

While we were at grannie Borrego's house we made TAMALES! YUMMY! Royce and I went up there last Thursday to help grannie clean and in return she taught me how to make tamales. We had a wonderful time with her. I am very blessed that I am able to go visit her and spend time with her.

It rained like crazy a few weeks ago and Royce wanted to have the door open so he could watch the rain. he loved it.

Royce loves to paint and color and well he just loves crafts.

We went to 5 Guys a few weeks ago and Reyn was carrying Royce on his shoulders. I just thought it was funny the way Royce was holding onto Reyn's head haha.

Royce's angry eyebrows! He was on a kick where he only would eat his food if he could use tooth picks. So when I tried to get a picture he didn't want me to. He yelled "NO!" to me!

Helping me make dinner. He sat there for well over 20 mins just transferring from the box to the bowl.

We got pictures last Saturday. These pictures are from my phone. I will post the actual pictures from our photographer. I just wanted to post some of the ones I had. Royce has such a great smile!

I love this picture of my boys. Royce was showing his daddy his cars.

this was after the photo shoot. Royce played hard. So daddy got him a drink haha. Well they shared. Sort of. :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

we've been super busy

Royce at the 2ND reception at the Cox's house. It was so beautiful! (sorry pictures are way out of order)

Royce helping me do dishes last night. So happy playing in the water!

I took him to the park to feed the ducks and play in the sand. He didn't want to leave.

We went to a birthday party at Jump and Shout (i think that's what it is called) And Royce went down the slide on his belly. Sorry the picture is so blurry.

Reyn throwing Royce up the slide.

Royce came running into me crying and I asked him what happened and he said "Bebe Ena" She is only 4 months old and was sitting in her bouncer. I am not sure what really happened but he got another black eye out of it.

Royce tripped and fell and got a fat lip. He's been a disaster the last few weeks

Royce feeding bebe ena. Her name is Lena but he has his own names for her.

We took Royce to the splash park and apparently he loves it now. Before when we would take him he would cry and want to be held. This time we didn't come prepared and he wanted to play.

Coming back from his first day at Joy School. I love how he holds his back pack haha.

Leaving for Joy School. He had no idea what he was in for. He cried like crazy when I dropped him off. I felt awful. In fact I felt so bad that when I got to the truck I cried like a baby. :( But I know it is good for him to spend time with the other kids. And get some learning in as well.

This was at Aubrey and Patrick's reception. Royce tried to stuff the entire cupcake into his mouth! PIG!

This was my first day of Joy School with the kids. We had a good time. I have taught one other time since this. We each take turns having the kids come to our houses. I think we are going on 4 weeks this up coming week. I do know it will be beneficial for Royce. If anything help him come out of his shy shell.

Royce is always hugging Lena. He loves her so much. When we don't have her he asked me "A Go Bebe Ena?" And he looks all over for her. We watch her 3 days a week 12 hours a day. And Royce just can't get enough of her.

This is Patrick! The newest member of our family! Aubrey's husband! Royce finally warmed up to him for a few minutes and I got a picture for proof. :)

this is the outfit I wore to the wedding. He colors were orange, hot pink, brown and green. I was missing green from my outfit. But Reyn had a Green shirt on.

We've had so much going on the last few weeks. It all started with Aubrey and Patrick's wedding. Which all turned out gorgeous! Both receptions looked amazing. And the sealing was amazing! I am glad that I got to take part in it all. I didn't get pictures at all. All I have is my camera on my phone and well you see how great the pictures are. Some really are and some really suck haha. Plus we were just super busy with everything. So we had the wedding, luncheon and then the reception the same night. Two weeks later we had the 2nd reception. Right after the wedding that following Monday I started watching Lena, she is 4 months old and ADORABLE! I watch her Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. On that Wed after the wedding I taught Joy School first time teaching for me first time attending Joy School for the kids. It was eventful. So weekly now my Mon, Tues, Wed and Saturdays are pretty well booked. Which I am very grateful for because I wanted to have as many things I could to keep me busy while Reyn is in school. It makes the time go by quicker and it helps me and Royce stay out of Reyn's way. Royce has been a wreck lately. He fell down and got a fat lip a few weeks ago. Then that same week he fell off the computer chair and smacked his face. He got a black eye on his left eye I think. Then a week after that is when he came into me blaming Lena. And he had a black eye on the other eye. And recently we went to a birthday party and Reyn and Royce were sliding down the slide. And Royce started screaming in severe pain. We looked and he was holding his wrist really weird so the first thought that went through my mind was he did something bad to his wrist. Well after a few minutes he started moving his wrist and we checked his hand. He didn't want it to be touched. Well luckily he is still young enough that he recovers quickly and didn't have a chance of anything broken. That night we came home and I gave him some Motrin and put a cool wash cloth on his hand. Which he kept on until I put him to bed. The next morning he woke up and was still holding his hand up and showing me it was hurt. I am pretty sure he just jammed his pointer and middle finger. They have some bruising on the insides. But he is using them and able to do everything still the same. Every once in a while he remembers they were hurt and he will show me them. But he has recovered pretty quickly. Our lives won't be slowing down anytime soon. But we are happy to be busy. Anything to pass the time with Reyn's schooling. That's all for now, sorry it is such a long and boring post. I just need to keep it up for my journal purposes.