Sunday, May 24, 2009


Our little man is 9 months today! Holy cow, where does the time go?!? 4 days ago he learned how to crawl, it's so funny. So far I'm ok with him crawling because he doesn't know he can get anywhere yet. He just crawls to you if there is an incentive, a cell phone, or keys or something entertaining to him. He won't crawl on our flagstone flooring yet, I wouldn't either. So that is limiting him to just the carpet in the living room.

We had to lower his crib mattress yesterday. He learned how to stand up in it, and cry at the door for us. Little stinker. Also yesterday Reyn left him in the living room surrounded by his toys. Reyn walked around the corner to make sure he was doing ok. And Royce had Reyn's cell phone in his mouth. Reyn said he left his cell phone on the couch on a pillow. So Royce crawled to the couch and pulled himself up and found the cell phone. Royce jumps on the couch every time he is on it. He pulls himself up onto everything. He is getting so big. It's scary how quickly they grow. We love our little boy. He brings so much joy to our home.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Royce Crawling

He was wanting to get to Aunt Aubrey's phone.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Royce LOVES the pool!

After swimming, I had to

We took Royce swimming on Saturday. He LOVES IT! He is our little fish. It's so fun to watch him play in the water. He splashes and laughs and kicks and dips his face in. Haha, it's so stinking funny! He will be in the pool often this summer ;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photos, weekend, Tuesday

This morning i was feeding Royce his oatmeal and he kept getting mad at me, so i gave him the bowl and the spoon to feed himself. It was a mess, but he stopped being mean to me.

Monday I was cleaning. I put him on the counter like always, thinking that i had everything out of the way. Well when I looked up he had a napkin, and shredded it. There was napkin pieces all over the place.

Royce sat on Uncle Donny's dirt bike. He was afraid of it, the noise scared him. So Donny shut it off to show him it isn't scary. And this is the face we still got from him. haha

Royce is always trying to get a laugh out of me and everyone. Lately he purposely puts his binky upside down in his mouth and giggles about it. It's so funny.

Monday when I was doing laundry he kept whining so I put him in the laundry basket and he stood in there for about 10 minutes while I folded and hung clothing.

He loves the laundry baskets. Silly boy.

This is after a shower. I love his eyes in this picture. He is so handsome!

Well I didn't get any pictures of our trip to Lakeside. I was planning on it, I just never got my camera out for pictures. We had a great time up there. We got there Thursday afternoon hung out for a bit. Then Reyn and Steve went grocery shopping, Justin and Lee weren't up there yet. Once Justin and Lee got there they all left for Greer. They camped Thurs night til Sat morning. They all seemed happy with the trip, it wasn't Havasupai, but they got their trip together.

I hung out with the family. We went and saw 17 Again. I really liked it. It was a cute movie. My dad hung out with Royce during the movie, just walking him around the theatre and popping in occasionally. When Reyn got back on Saturday we met up with Cynda and her mom for lunch. It was good seeing them. Then that night the whole family went to La Casita for dinner! I love La Casita. It is delicious! Sunday we went to Sacrament meeting and then Reyn, Royce and I headed home. We had a great time up there. It's always good to be with my family and to get out of the heat.

Ok so Tuesday Reyn and I went to Saguaro Lake with the wave runner. Reyn's mom kept Royce for us. We were there for about an hour and a half, just riding around. We had fun, it's always good to spend time with my hubby. :) We came back and Reyn's mom bought us lunch. Then we took Royce swimming. I wish I had a camera! He loves the water. He kicks and splashes and laughs. He is our little swimmer boy! He is so fun to watch.

Lately he is getting in the crawling position then he belly flops and gets really mad. He pulls himself onto anything and everything. He loves to stand. And he walks when you hold his hands. He could just skip crawling and go straight to walking. I h0pe not, but he seems to understand walking better than crawling. We shall see in the next few weeks.

Well this post is long enough. Hope everyone had a great weekend. And that mom's had a great Mother's Day! I did :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well for the last like 6 months, ok like year Reyn has been planning on going to Havasupai with his friends. I was off and on thinking about going. But last month I decided that NOPE, I can't leave my little Royce behind. It would be too hard for whoever is babysitting him. And way hard for me. So I wasn't going to go. Well Thursday last week the boys found out that they can't go into Havasupai, it is CLOSED! Due to the "swine flu" Dumb flu. So the boys don't get to go on their hike :( I was planning on going to Lakeside while Reyn was gone and after the Havasupai thing I wasn't sure what was going on. So now Reyn, Royce and I are driving to Lakeside on Thursday afternoon. And his friends are driving separately and the 3 boys, Reyn, Justin and Steve are going to Greer. They want to go camping still, and fishing. So they will get a guys trip just not to Havasupai. Sorry boys :( Next year, or maybe later on this year. So I will have some pictures I'm sure to post next week.
Ok so for the last month I have been keeping a beautiful baby girl every Thursday. She is 3 months old now, 2 months when I started. She is so cute and very good. She is still easy, sleeps most of the time. Royce isn't sure what to think of her haha. He tries to pull her binky out and poke her eyes out. The first 2 Thursdays I had her every time she would cry, he would cry. But his crying was like sympathy tears. It was so funny. Now when she cries he just stares at her and then he stares at me. I think he is saying "mom fix her". It has been an adventurous month managing 2 babies. haha. I'm not gonna lie, I am not ready for another baby anytime soon. Ha. But I am glad for the opportunity to enjoy a tiny baby again. And to teach me to balance 2 babies.
Well sorry no pictures this post. I am sure there will be plenty to come after this weekend. :)