Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ULTRA SOUND - weekend

These both were done today. We had to go back in for another ultra sound because we didn't get a very good look at his spine. But the appointment went good. Our baby boy is growing fast and is looking good. The picture on the left is his face and his fist. I think he was getting ready to punch me. lol. The second picture is just another face shot. But it is a pretty good face shot. He has a cute little button nose. He is so cute! I am so excited to hold him, to see him. He measured out at around 11 to 12 inches and about a pound and a half. And she said in the next few weeks he will only be getting bigger. I am 25 weeks and just patiently awaiting his arrival.
I have had the last 3 days off. It's been so nice, i feel so weird not going to work. But soon enough i will have my work cut out for me. My mom and sisters came to town Sunday night. We hung out Monday and took my sister Amanda to EFY. She will have fun, she is brave, and willing to be social. It was a great weekend. It was great to see mom and the girls. I go back to work tomorrow.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Be-lated Mother's Day posting

Well mother's day was 2 weeks ago, but i didn't write about it. We were up in Lakeside with my family. It was so nice up there. So my aunt Tenney had a baby girl and i went to see her. My little boy in my belly didn't like me holding her. He Kicked and kicked and punched at her. It was funny, he is a feisty little guy and he isn't even out yet. Or maybe he was letting her know that he was there, and that he knew her. Who knows. It was just funny how he just kicked and kicked every time she was resting on my belly. Then when i lifted her off he didn't bother to kick anymore. By the way isn't Reyn so attractive in that picture. Haha, he is a silly guy.

This other picture is me and Reyn, he is so good. We bought my mom a beautiful corsage for Mother's Day. And Reyn also surprised me with one. It was so sweet. So this was him getting ready to attempt to pin it on me. It was so pretty. It made me feel special. And there is another photo of my belly. It's so funny looking. lol

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Alright so these are pictures from havasupai. This first one is the top of the hike, the beginning.

the one on the left is Navajo falls. the one above is Havasu falls. ------------------------------
So right now it is 6 a.m I slept at Reyn's parents house - well i didn't get much sleep at all. Reyn and 3 of his friends left last night, to go hike Havasupai. I didn't get to go this year, well for obvious reasons. This trip has been planned for a couple of months and Reyn managed to get more people this year than last year. But again i didn't get to go. Right now the boys are probably starting their adventure. I think it is a 12 mile hike in, i could be mistaken. And it is a pretty easy hike going in, until you get to the village, that's when you think "finally we are here". But no when you get to the village they say "2 more miles before you reach the falls". And that 2 more miles feels like 2o more miles. It is 2 miles of sand, and walking in sand is not always the funnest time of your life. The reason i know all this is because i did go last year. It was beautiful. I am actually very jealous of these boys that they get to go. So anyway once you get out of the 2 miles of treading sand you come upon a gorgeous waterfall! Havasu falls! Absolutely incredible. ----------------------------------------------
Well last night was our (Reyn & I) first night apart. I don't know how hard it was for him, if it was even really that hard, because he was traveling. And he has to be tough, because he is with his buddies. But it was terrible for me. I woke up every hour on the hour. And usually I wake up anyway to go to the bathroom like 4 times a night. But this time i just couldn't sleep, not at all. I didn't want to stay home by myself so i did go to Doug and Ellens, I slept on the couch. It is a very comfy couch, but it was just very lonely with out my Reyn. So i finally decided at 5:20 this morning that i better just head home. So i can get ready for work. So i got all my stuff, and hopped on the 202 and here i am - posting on my blog. Reyn won't be home til Saturday sometime. So i have 2 more nights without him. I think I am going to stay the night at his parents again tonight, maybe i will have to take a sleeping pill. And then my sister aubrey is coming down Friday night to hang out with me. So im excited for that. I just have to get through these next few days without talking to my Reyn. But i am so excited for him and his big adventure to Havasupai! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Well i suppose i can't really say i am totally alone, because i have this wiggly little baby boy in my belly. I feel his movements a lot now, he is shoved to my left side right now. So my belly is lopsided. I will say it is so cool so far being pregnant, having such a sweet piece of heaven apart of me. I love it. But i am only 23 weeks right now, so once i am bigger i may be saying "get this baby out". Maybe, i don't know yet. But right now i love it, and it's so neat.