Wednesday, February 25, 2009

28 Reasons I love REYN

Reyn -


2. Wonderful husband - BEST EVER!

3. Amazing dad

4. Faithful

5. Encouraging

6. Honest

7. Outgoing

8. Educated

9. Hard worker - thank you for making it possible for me to be a stay at home mom.

10. Knowledgeable in the gospel.

11. Kind

12. Loving

13. A friend to everyone

14. Spontaneous


16. Affectionate

17. Generous

18. Thoughtful

19. Clever

20. Helpful

21. Happy

22. Funny

23. Caring

24. Devoted

25. Grateful

26. Compassionate

27. Unconditional



I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


he likes to feed himself, haha.

so so happy!
my boys :)

it was a chilly day and i didn't want to get a blanket out. so i put him in his "parka"

loving his baby biscuit.
Well believe it or not we have kept Royce alive for 6 months! Wow time flys by super fast! He is so much fun. He is learning and growing so fast. He just recently cut his first tooth. And the other is on its way. I can see the spot where it wants to come in. It's just taking its sweet time to break through. Which means - GRUMPY ROYCE! Teething is horrible, why do babies have to go through such pain! Good thing for baby orajel and baby motrin. I just feel so bad, because Royce is always such a good happy go lucky baby. But right now he is a fussy baby. And it is hard for us both. Well we introduced Royce to rice cereal when he was about 4 months. He loves it. I just started mixing in some carrots with his rice cereal. He eats it just the same. We just bought some baby biter biscuits for him, he loves that! He loves to feed himself. It's really funny. He is growing so fast! We love our little guy. He is amazing!
Happy 1/2 year birthday Royce! haha. ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2009


* Well today was a very busy day! But it was good :) I got a new cell phone the Envy2. Reyn is waiting to get his upgrade til we know if he is getting into a school. So I got my upgrade for Vday. I would have kept my other phone, I loved it, but the battery kept dying. And it had been dropped like a thousand times! SO it was time for a new one. So far I like new phone. It will take some time to get used to. Im kinda a bonehead when it comes to technology. haha.
* So my gift to Reyn wasn't so elaborate. It was homemade and not as cool as mine. But I never make homemade gifts so it made these more meaningful I suppose. I melted chocolate and molded it into lips for Reyn :) It was fun. I also got together with some friends and she had the idea to make the felt fortune cookies. SO that is what I made. And I put some fortunes in the cookies ;)
* We also had a wedding to go to tonight. And we had free food - PRIME RIB, SALAD, POTATOES, ROLLS! So good, probably better than what we would have had if we went to a restaurant. Then we got to dance while we were there :) We did have Royce with us, he slept during dinner. And woke up to dance.
* It was a great Valentines day. It's funny because we never really do anything for Vday, but this year was different. Well we hope everyone had a good day. And have a good weekend.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LiTTle Magic Moments

More pictures of the cute babies! Thank you Aubrey for posting the better pictures of Royce sitting up :) He is such a big boy!
Oh and the bandanna he is wearing - his grandpa Borrego put it on him :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend fun

He is always giving me good looking smiles!

Look at those pretty blue eyes.
BIG BOY! Sitting up now~ sorry it's kinda a blurry picture. My phone has been crapping out on me. And my pictures from it aren't so good anymore.

Here he is again! Mr Toughstuff :)

Cousin Jhade and Royce! he doesn't sit still for anything. Not even for a picture with his cute cousin.

well this weekend we went up to Lakeside. And hung out on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday Royce pretty much mastered sitting up! Yikes! He is getting so big. On Sunday we woke up to snow! Lots and lots of snow. We had a blast hanging out with the fam. Finally saw Madagascar 2 and Dark knight. :) On Sunday we went to sacrament meeting and then came back and made dinner. Then we drove home. We had to get back before the snow started to stick on the roads. We had to take the Globe way home, because Heber is always way bad when it snows. And we don't have 4 wheel drive. Globe way was clear and easy driving. Well as easy as a canyon gets. It was Royces first time going that way. That night he was up every hour! I don't know if it was his ears popping or what! But not a fun night. Oh well.
I can't believe Royce is sitting up now! What a big boy! He still doesn't roll over. He does speak though. Haha, when ever I talk about him sitting now it sounds like I am talking about a dog. He does pant like one sometimes. And he slobbers a lot! Maybe he is a dog. Haha Just kidding. Not nice I know. He gives the best hugs though. He is such a sweet little boy! We just love him so much! He is such a blessing.