Monday, August 23, 2010

Catch up, I'm always playing catch up haha

church in Felicity, Ca

Stairs from the Eiffel Tower in Felicity, Ca

Center of the World Plaza

looking down at Felicity from the Church hill. All those are huge granite slabs with etching of the histories of Az and California.

The Pyramid. If you are standing inside this pyramid you are in the "Center of the world" We didn't get to go on the tour. Because we went on a Sunday on our way home from San Diego.

Royce is obsessed with pushing this stroller around. But rarely sits in it. which makes walks *sigh* fun? haha. NOT!

The 3 of us in the pier :)

Reyn and I got to go on a bike ride! It was beautiful!

I was taking pictures like a crazy woman with my cell phone and later that day i went through them. And came across this picture! I love it! It is so neat how it turned out. Not even on purpose. :)

Royce kept throwing sand at papa doug.

Royce loved this Tractor! He carried it all over!

So Royce saw these guys playing with this football. And when they went into the water to play in the waves Royce decided to take it!

And decided he should bury it! haha! it was funny

Well Reyn has been on a break from school the last few weeks. He goes back August 30th. So we spent a weekend up in Lakeside with my family. For Aubrey's bridal shower. Which was fun :) The weather was gorgeous! Then on that following Monday we went to San Diego. It was our longest stay yet! We were there for 6 days! We had so much fun! We love the beach so much! Royce was so fun this trip. He is fearless in the water. Which scares the heck out of me. He just runs out into the waves and then gets knocked over. And gets right back up and runs further in the water! Reyn had to stay close by him because he was so crazy out there haha! We really enjoyed our time there. So much that we are going back this Thurs before Reyn starts school. We've had a great little vacation with Reyn home. This week will be busy busy! Tonight we are celebrating Royce's Bday with Reyn's sisters and their kids. Then tomorrow is our big boy's BIRTHDAY! he is going to be 2! I can't believe it! My family is coming down for the 3 bdays we celebrate Royce's, Aubrey's and Amanda's. SO tomorrow night we party with the Borrego's! Then Wed Aubs is going through the temple! SO excited for her! Thurs we pack up and head back to San Diego til Sunday! Busy busy! But we are so very blessed! We have wonderful families that take good care of us :)
Tomorrow I hope to have pictures of Royce's bday! Can't believe it has been 2 years already!