Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trip to Lakeside

Gpa Borrego found this and had to buy it for his favorite grandson :)
Royce loves hanging out in the back of the truck. He yelled at me when I said he had to get out.
Reyn loading Royce in to the truck - getting ready to head home.

Well On April 24th we went up the Lakeside. My good friends from were getting married up there and had a beautiful reception. Every turned out so nice! We had a wonderful time at the reception seeing friends from high school. And visiting with the bride and groom on the dance floor. haha. That was the only time we were able to talk to them and it was when we were getting ready to leave. They had a wonderful dinner and I am so sad to say we didn't stay for dessert. My family kept Royce while we went to the reception. He didn't even care we were gone. He was having so much fun with his aunts and uncle and gma and gpa. We were gone about 3 hours I think and when we walked in the door Royce didn't even give us a hug or anything. Little stinker. Oh well. At least he had a great time. We got to visit a lot of people while we were up there. It was a lot of fun. I love the weather up there. But still not enough to bring me back up there. haha. I am sad I don't have more pictures to post I am terrible at remember to take pictures. Well that was that trip. Our next post will prob be San diego again in a few weeks. We are trying to get as many trips as we can in before we get in the routine of school.

Monday, April 19, 2010

5 year Anniversary

Well Thurs April 15th Reyn and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary! We took a vacation to San Diego! Reyn's parents came with us and helped out with Royce. They watched him while we went to a movie, they spoiled us to breakfasts, lunches and dinners. They were great company. We had a wonderful time. I can't believe it has already been 5 years that Reyn and I have been married. Where does the time go. I was telling Reyn that every year has brought us something new and exciting. SO every year is like our first anniversary together. Our first year of course was exciting because it was our first year. Our second year I just worked like crazy and he went to school like crazy. Our 3rd year we went to our ultra sound and found out we were having Royce and Reyn finished his bachelors and then he got a job and then we had Royce. Our 3rd year had a lot of exciting events. Our 4th year Reyn worked and worked and worked. I have been able to be home with Royce. Which has been a huge blessing! This year we have Reyn starting P.A school! SO it has been a very eventful 5 years. Many things have gone wonderfully for us. We have been so very blessed in so many ways. We feel like we met our 5 year goals. And now onto our 10 year goals! :) We are still very much in love and get along very well. I always hated when someone would ask us if we have had the "big one yet" - meaning the big blow out fight. Well I am happy and lucky to say that so far no we haven't. We are best friends. We get along so well. We don't have the perfect marriage by any means, but what we have works for us. I am so grateful for such an incredible husband. Reyn is so patient with me. Especially when I feel like a psycho path some days when it comes to Royce. We love our little Royce, but he sure can be defiant. And Reyn handles him so much better than me. Which teaches me to have better patients with him. Reyn is so good to us, to me. Some days I feel like I don't deserve him. Anyway we can't wait to see what this next year brings us as far as school. Reyn said I have to start preparing meals now. Which over the last 5 years I haven't had much opportunity for that. His schedule always keeps him out late. And I haven't had to make any dinners. Except for myself, which usually is a bowl of cereal. And then food for Royce. But now it is time for me to step it up and start cooking real meals and we finally get to have dinners together. I am very excited and very nervous. I like to cook, but I wouldn't say I am good at it. I have to start preparing a detailed shopping list and use up all the groceries each week on 3 meals. :) It's going to be good and interesting haha.
Well Happy 5 years to us! I love you Reyn ! Thanks for being the amazing husband you are! I will work on being the amazing wife and mom.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Catch up

Well photo over load sorry! The pictures aren't in order and my computer doesn't let me write under each picture anymore. SO bare with me haha. On Mar 23 my family came down and hung out for a few days. It was their spring break so they came down to see Royce and be away from Lakeside for a bit. We went to the zoo. Royce really seemed to enjoy it I had Eva also that day and she was a good girl. Royce loved the flamingos and ducks the stared at them for a long time and jabbered on and on about them and or to them. It was so cute. He growled at almost every animal except the ducks he gave them a gack gack. haha. We had a great time with my family. Reyn had to work while they were here so Royce did all the entertaining. Which he doesn't mind he is such a funny little boy.

A while back Reyn brought home a news paper article on brownies. The ultimate brownie. So the other night I decided I was ready to make them and surprise Reyn. They were delicious, extremely rich though. One bite was enough for a few hours. I never got through one piece in one sitting I had to just graze haha. Anyway they turned out delicious and Reyn was happy :). It was a good surprise.

I had to post the silly pictures of Royce. He is getting so big. He is such a joy to have here. So the other day I put both kids in Royce's room to play while I tried to clean. I heard precious laughter from both babies. And I came in the room to find diapers scattered EVERYWHERE! I couldn't even get upset because both babies were having so much fun and laughing so hard. It was so funny and messy. Good thing they are cute. And their laughs are so contagious! They probably played with the diapers a good 20 minutes. I just let them throw them around and be crazy. The damage was already done so I just let them get it out of their systems. Royce and Eva are playing more and more these days and really becoming good little buddies. It has been really nice watching Eva because it gives Royce a sense of a sibling, kind of. He loves playing with Eva. When she is taking a nap and he woke up from his he walks by the pack and play where she is and he says "shhhh" and puts his finger to his lips. It is so cute. He is always giving Eva kisses and hugs. He is such a sweet little boy.

One more thing I want to talk about, so conference was AMAZING! I just love listening to the talks. I love that they spoke of families. And the importance of motherhood. I love that I can be a stay at home mom. I feel so blessed to be here for Royce for everything. And to witness first hand all his new discoveries. And I love that Reyn supports us and wants me to be a stay at home mom. Money gets tight at times. But Reyn and I know the importance in me being home with Royce. And we have been extremely blessed because of our faith. I am grateful to be apart of Royce's everyday life and growth. He wears me out often but I wouldn't change it for the world. I have so much to be grateful for. I have the most amazing husband who loves me always and always. I have an amazing family, both my side and Reyn's side. Reyn starts P.A. school in June we are both so excited and so scared. But we know we will be taken care of. Well that's all I have for now. Next week we are going to San Diego for our anniversary. SO hopefully I will have some good pictures :)