Friday, July 20, 2012


Royce is a wonderful big brother!  He loves his baby sister.  And she LOVES him too!! He gets her to smile most of the time.  Royce is growing up so fast!  He did Joy school this last year which ended in May.  He loved it!  He has such great little friends.  He has been doing swimming lessons the last 2 weeks.  I think we are going to have him do 1 more session.  We want to make sure this boy can swim!  He is doing a great job with swimming and seems to enjoy it.  We have been battling potty training with him the last almost 2 years!!!  Well for about a month now he has been going pee in the potty.  And the last 2 days he is going poo in the potty now!  I won't say he is fully potty trained, but doing WAY better than ever before!!  It has been such a rough process!  He is the kid that has to do it his way when he is good and ready.  But we are proud of him needless to say.  :)  Royce says some funny things and does some very entertaining things.  WE are so blessed to have him in our family!  

Zoey is our miracle baby!  We are so blessed to have her in our home! She really brings such a peaceful calm spirit into our home and daily lives.  She is so smiley and loving and cuddly!  She has recently found her voice and she can really holler haha.  Zoey has hip dysplasia, there is a pic of her in the harness..  well we tried the harness for 2 weeks and it didn't do anything for her hip.  For now we are just enjoying every single minute of her.  When she is 6 months old she will be put under and the orthopedic surgeon will try to manipulate her hip into place.  She will then be put in almost a full body cast for 4 months.  If the casting doesn't help then she will have to go in for surgery when she is a year old.  Her hip does not hurt her right now, she doesn't know any better so as it is causes no pain.  Zoey really is such a joy!