Friday, January 30, 2009

Because he is cute :)

I think Mr. Toughstuff will be sitting up very soon.

Notice his arms and legs are blurry. Yeah he doesn't sit still for anything. Always kicking and wiggling!

He took his plug, cork, binky out so he could smile at me. So sweet :)

Eating rice cereal! HE loves the stuff :) He gets so excited. By the way isn't this such a Reyn face haha Drool running down his face, haha not that. His raised eye brows :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I was doing the laundry and Royce was sitting on the island playing with his toy. All of the sudden he got really quiet and then started grunting. I looked up and he had the ring stuck around his little foot. Haha. He was working hard to get it off. Unfortunately I didn't wait to see how long he would spend trying to get it off. Haha.

So this picture - I was given a baby soothing cd and he was being feisty. SO I got the cd out and put it into a cd player and hooked up the ear phones. And TADA he ate his bottle peacefully and went to sleep not too much later. He is a funny boy!
Well we officially have a 5 month old! WOW does time fly or what!?! He went to the doc on Tuesday for his shots - he was at the doc 12 days before. In those 12 days he almost put on a full pound. As of Tuesday he weighs 14 lbs 8 oz! He is still only 23 1/2 inches long. SO he is still pretty short, but he is gaining weight. And that is all the doc was concerned about. He is happy, healthy and handsome! We love Royce more and more each day. He is such a wonderful baby.

Monday, January 12, 2009


grandpa Borrego putting shoes on his feet at Target. Those shoes were so cute. But his feet are too fat on top and too small for all the shoes.

He is just a goof ball

wearing his bib, he soaks his shirts now with all his slobber. He is definitely teething!

He was talking to me in this picture. He is so fun!

Chewing on his tongue.

Holding his own bottle~ he is a big boy :)

ok this picture I was cleaning Reyn's bathroom and Royce was going room to room with me while in his bouncer. I was in and out of the rooms just cleaning as much as I could. Royce was a good sport. But I left the room for a minute to get some cleaner and Royce was sacked out. Haha, he is so funny.

This walker is Alli's - (Nicholes little girl). We put him in it to see what he would do. Well haha - he is so so short! We didn't lower it though. But see his little feet just dangling. lol

Here are pictures of our Royce. He is 4 1/2 months old and hilarious! He is growing up so fast. On Jan 8th I had to get him into the doc because he was pretty sick. Well coughing, sneezing, congested, a light fever, miserable! So I felt like I needed to get him in to make sure it wasn't something really bad. Well the doc said that his lungs were clear and no ear infections. Which was good that it wasn't ear infections and something bad. But he had us go get a chest x-ray for the little guy. Just in case there was something hiding deeper that what was on the surface. SO we took him down and he got an x-ray. It was so sad to watch him get it, they had his little arms up over his head well as high as they could go. He has little short arms and a big head. ha. Then they strapped his head in and he was pressed against a glass shield thing. It was seriously horrible. He started crying when they strapped his head down. I wanted to hit the girls. HA! Well it went fast and he was done and I grabbed him and ran. lol I got him home and we showered with a shower soother tablet thing. Cuz I too have been pretty sick. I put Vicks on him and saline in his nose and wrapped him up and fed him. And off to bed with him. He seems to be doing better. We got the results for the chest x-ray and it was normal. So that was wonderful news! He is still congested though, so i just Vicks him up before bed and after his shower in the mornings. He is breathing tons better. So that is the latest with us. Oh I forgot, he was weighed - I really thought he was only like 12 lbs or so, cuz he hasn't been eating as much the last week. And he is just so little still. But I was pleasantly surprised when the scale said 13 lbs 10 oz~ ! So he is getting bigger he gained over 2 lbs in a month and a half. So Yay, I was impressed. We also though just recently started giving him rice cereal, because before he was sick he was eating like 10 oz of milk! When before he only ate like 4-5. So he was eating like a pig! But he is growing! Well I am sure I will have something else to blog about soon enough. Enjoy these latest pictures. TTFN

Monday, January 5, 2009


Well sorry it has been a while since I posted. Things have been so busy in our lives lately. Today we took Reyn to the airport to fly to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is interviewing at a Physician assistant school out there tomorrow morning. I was really sad dropping him off. It took everything in me not to cry. lol I can really be such a baby when it comes Reyn or Royce. But I dropped him off and drove home. I haven't cried yet, hopefully I won't. Lol. But I have been trying to keep really busy this morning to kill time. Tonight Royce and I are going to a friends house to have a late night. So I will not have to be here all night with out Reyn. And then tomorrow I am going shopping with mom Ellen so that will help kill time. Then we pick Reyn up tomorrow evening. So it isn't a long trip. Just a long few days for me.

Our Christmas was wonderful. Reyn had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Which wasn't so wonderful. But When he got home on Christmas Eve we went to his parents house and he opened all his gifts from that side of the family. Then Christmas morning he woke me up early and he made me breakfast. And we opened our gifts to each other. It was nice. He is a wonderful husband. Then he went to work. And Royce and I went to Reyn's parents house and opened all of our gifts from them. It was fun :) Royce was such a good boy.

New year's eve my family was down here. They came down on Tuesday night and stayed til Friday. We had fun with them. We did our gift exchange with them. Which was good, we got good gifts from everyone. :) We went to Justin's house for New year's eve and played Rock Band. It was a blast. Reyn is so cute as the drummer and a singer. He is so funny. And he does really good :) Reyn had to work again on New Year's eve and day. But he was home by the evenings to hang out. The family went to the museum on Friday and to lunch and then the left. We had fun with all the activities that took place this past weekend.

We have so much to be thankful for. I have so much to be thankful for. I have the greatest husband ever, I really couldn't have asked for better. He is so amazing. He is such a good daddy to Royce and caring to both of us. I am very grateful for a Healthy, handsome, precious baby boy. He is so wonderful, he brings such a fun spirit to our home. He is getting so big! And way more fun, everyday he is discovering something new. And it is so fun to show him new things and to get his reaction. He is such a wonderful blessing in our lives. I am very thankful for my family. They do so much for us. And are always excited to see us and of course see Royce. I am thankful for Reyn's family. Then too do so much for us. I am thankful for the opportunity Reyn has to get interviews with schools for PA programs. Even if we don't get in this year At least he had these opportunities and experiences. I am thankful for the gospel. I am thankful for Our Savior. I am thankful for Forgiveness. And for Repentance. I am thankful for many many more things. But i actually have to wrap this post up. I have had this page up for like 3 hours. And just keep coming back to it in between things.

Well we hope everyone has a wonderful start to 2009! Adios 2008! Sorry no pictures with this one. IT isn't that i don't have any, it's just that i have to upload them. so next post will have pictures :)