Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My bday post

A wonderful friend called me up on Monday and asked if i had a vase she could borrow. I said "yes come on over, what size do you need?" She said when she gets here she will see which one will fit. Well when she came she had 18 pink roses in her hand, and said "i was just making sure you would have a vase for these." So sweet! I love them! I am very blessed to have such a fabulous friend!

Amanda came over early on Sunday and had these beautiful flowers for me and cupcakes. I love flowers! Glad I ended up with 2 sets for my birthday!

While in San Diego in April I saw a necklace I really liked. But didn't get it when I first saw it. Well when I went back for it IT was gone! The lady said she didn't have anymore in stock. Well my sis in law was in San Diego a few weeks ago and she saw a necklace she loved and had her mom go in and look at it. And her mom, mom Ellen , started laughing and said "that is the necklace Heidi wanted!" So on Sunday when i opened my birthday gift from the family it was this necklace! I LOVE IT! Thanks Paula for letting me have it. :)

Aubrey made this beautiful little "flower garden" and filled it with these flower clips she made! I love them! Thank you Aubs! And Patrick :)

This picture was taken Way back on Mother's day. My dear friend took it and I finally got it to post :) too bad Royce isn't looking. The other pictures he was but the pictures were sideways and i don't know how to flip them.

I made my first lemon berry fruit tart. It was amazing! I just wanted to post how pretty it was. :)
Well another year has come! I am officially a quarter of a century old! 25!!!!! I don't feel 25 in fact i still feel 18 some days! But I guess it is good to still feel young haha. I had a wonderful weekend birthday celebration. On Thurs we took dinner to our friends house and I brought my fruit tart for dessert. It was a hit! I came home with only 1 piece left! :) On Fri we got to hang out with Reyn's mission buddy and his family. We ate at 5 Guys! ;) And we just enjoyed visiting with them. They are moving to New Mexico and they've lived in Payson for the last 3 years. So we saw them when we could. But now they aren't in Payson for us to visit. :( We really enjoyed our time with them. Sat We had Pei Wei for lunch and Fire house sub for dinner! SO good! I know lots of eating out, but we rarely get to. And now with Reyn in school eating out will happen less and less. On Sunday was my actual birthday. Amanda came over and stayed with Royce while Reyn and I went to church. Royce was sleeping cuz church starts right at his nap time! And so he misses the first 2 hours. And since we have sacrament last Reyn brings him to that. Yes he is inactive, but he isn't worth fighting when he is tired. Anyway so Amanda had to do laundry so she was here while Royce slept. WE had wonderful speakers in sacrament and it was great to sit and listen to them! :) After church we prepared dinner. I had chicken in the crock pot and we made enchiladas :) And the whole family came over, well 2 of Reyn's sisters and their families. Then Aubs and Patrick came and Amanda was here. To top it off Reyn had Paula pick up Sprinkles cupcakes! SOOO GOOD! I had a wonderful birthday! I am so grateful for my family and the love the show me! Reyn did a wonderful job at making me feel so special and being the best husband i could ever ask for! I am so thankful for Reyn! So after all the partying and eating out and good stuff. Reyn started school on Monday! It is so weird to think it is here! And he has finally started the P.A program! I am very proud of Reyn and his many accomplishments over the last 5 years of our marriage! Good job baby! ;)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sorry post overload!

I tried to get another picture of us

this is the entryway - so pretty

Here we are at the Fairmont!

getting a picture with all my siblings and royce with grannie. :) we had 3 cameras to look at, so some of us aren't looking.

Here we are with grannie before taking her to my cousins house.

Grannie switched the candles haha, and was showing me that she did. lol

Grannie B-day is June 9th so we got her a cake on Sunday and celebrated early. She isn't here at my house anymore. My cousin is taking care of her this week.

Grannie taught me how to make red chili too! Also delicious!

the finished product! AMAZING!

the green chili without the tomato

grannie peeling the tomato

We peeled them. and cut them up.

Grannie and I roasted peppers! For green chili!

He loved playing with the water and using the hose.

We got a little pool for Royce. We've only played in it a few times, we've been so busy!

Every night we took a walk with grannie. This night Royce decided he wanted to take his barn with him. He carried it the whole walk.

close up of his mustache

Royce's chocolate strawberry mustache.

Alright I a lot to catch up on. On May 27th I had my grannie come and stay here with us. She had open heart surgery and needed to stay down here for doc visits and she needed to have somebody with her at all times. So I was blessed with her in our home. We had such a wonderful time! But before grannie came over I was cleaning the house and Royce got a hold of the baby powder. It was EVERYWHERE! I like to sprinkle baking soda mixed with carpet stuff onto the carpet when I vacuum and he seems me do that. And so he decided to sprinkle the flagstone with baby powder to "help" clean. So when he got quiet I came in and noticed this powder all over Royce and the floor and the door and in his room all over. I just laughed, because what else can I do. he was just doing what he sees me do.

Reyn also surprised me with an evening at the Fairmont in Scottsdale! My mom and Donny and Hannah came down on Friday. My mom and I went to a reception Friday night. Then Saturday Reyn and I did a session at the temple, which was much needed. Then we went to the Fairmont. While my mom and siblings babysat Royce! We had a good time away, I missed Royce so much though! It was our first night away from the little guy. But it was a great surprise. We ate so much! We ate at Bourbon Steak, a restaurant in the hotel. It was so good! I did get pictures of all our food. But I have so many pictures in this post already.

I had Grannie here for 10 days. We had a wonderful time! I am so grateful that I was able to spend time with her. And have her teach me her secret recipes! :) Now that she isn't here I don't know what to do with myself. haha, it feels weird to have her gone. She was good company. Between grannie and Royce I kept very busy. Making her meals and cleaning up after each meal and keeping up with Royce. And trying to keep up with house work. It was a wonderful 10 days though! I'm very blessed to of had the time with grannie. Royce, I think, also enjoyed having grannie here.
Well I think so far that is all that has been going on over the last few weeks. It's already been a busy summer and it doesn't look like it will slow down. But that is ok with me! The busier the summer is the quicker it goes by and the quicker we get out this heat! haha!
Oh ya, Reyn had an orientation today for school. Tomorrow is his last day of work. June 14th is his official start day for school! It is crazy to know he is finally starting school! We are so excited and so scared. Lots of changes coming our way!