Thursday, October 15, 2009


today Reyn and I have been married 4 and a half years! whoa, haha

Royce looking for more cookie

waiting for the cookies to bake, i told him the oven was hot, so he was blowing on it. haha

helping momma make cookies. he was having so much fun.

licking his plate - he had spaghetti

Well many things are changing with Royce. Little stinker quit eating his baby food. He only wants to feed himself now. SO I have to make sure everything I give him is made a finger food. HE is still learning what a plate is and still figuring out the fork and spoon. He empties off the plate onto his tray every time. Why do i even bother giving him a plate. Well i want him to learn that a plate is where his food goes. instead of his tray. But it's a learning/growing process for him. so i spend a lot of time sweeping and cleaning around his area. He is becoming such a big boy. We have to stop leaving important things around now, out of his reach. Because he is getting tall enough to reach everything. He gets on his little tippy toes and blindly grabs for things and pulls them down. Another thing i have to watch out for is paper and books. he is our little goat. he eats paper, envelopes, his books. lots of chunks taken out of his books. I must not be feeding him enough if he feels the need to eat paper. Weird little billy goat boy haha.
Reyn got accepted into Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. It's a Physician assistant program! It starts in June 2010. Right now we aren't 100% sure where or what we will be doing. Reyn has an interview here in Mesa, at a P.A school called AT-STILL tomorrow morning. So we will see how that goes. He has 2 more interviews coming up both in California. So we will just see how these other interviews go. And then weigh out our options. But for now for sure Reyn is in a program! WE are so excited, it's an answer to our prayers! SO now we have the next 7 -8 months to plan and we finally have a light to the end of our tunnel! We are so blessed.