Tuesday, February 26, 2008


this is my birthday boy! my star! he is so cute!

Today is Reyn's birthday! Happy Birthday babe! He is at school right now until like 2 pm. Geez, it's his birthday, he should be partying, not going to class. But he is a good boy, and he knows he can't ditch. So yesterday we had a good surprise - we got wheels and tires on our new truck. It was a birthday gift for Reyn. Those that know the Gunnell family know that they can't get a new car with out getting wheels and tires. It just would be crazy to not get them. So thanks to Gunnell's Tires we have a changed vehicle. I didn't think i would ever care to have tires and wheels, but after being at the shop for 3 years, all the sudden it grows on ya. Well again Happy Birthday Reyn! I love you Reyn!

Monday, February 25, 2008

new post

Well i suck at keeping this blog updated. I didn't even write about Valentine's Day! We went to the doc that day and we got to hear the heart beat of our baby! It was so neat, it just made this whole pregnancy so real. Lately i have just felt like im sick, and it sucks, but after hearing the heart beat! It just really made me excited and made me realize that i have a tiny baby inside me . Pretty cool! Reyn is very excited too! He was so cute to watch when we were listening to the heart beat, it was beating so fast. He had an ear to ear grin on his face. It was just very special! We are very excited.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My day off

Well it's Tuesday again, which means it's my day off. So i have time to post on the blog. Last week was a terrible week in the world of Heidi. I had a case of the flu didn't eat or drink for 24 hours straight. Doing good though now today. And so far this week is better. This morning Reyn and i did 3 loads of laundry. And i still have possibly another one to go. Who knew that 2 people could use up so many clothes in a weeks time. I can only imagine it will be worse once i add a baby into the laundry picture. I went for a walk this morning in our neighborhood, it's a nice neighborhood. The weather is so nice down here right now. It is supposed to get up to 78 degrees today, which is a little warm for Feb. But oh well, it's the valley, it's expected. Reyn is on his way home from school right now. I better go, so we can go get lunch. Have a fabulous week if i don't post again til next week. - oh yeah hey p.s. our first dr appt is this thursday! probably won't be an appt to speak of, but it's this thursday.