Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas with the Gunnell's

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Reyn got the day off. SO Christmas morning Reyn came and woke me up and we opened our presents to each other. Reyn made Christmas special this year! HE is such a great husband. Then we waited a little bit and Royce woke up. And we got him his breakfast and then into the living room to open his presents. He didn't really know what to do. He was just so excited to rip the paper off. Reyn got him a Cardinals jersey - # 11 Fitzgerald. :) Royce wore it all day. haha. After we got all our gifts opened and cleaned up a bit. And packed up the truck. We drove to Reyn's parents house to open presents with Reyn's family. We had the big gift for his dad in our truck - an air compressor. And on the way to their house the wrapping paper blew off. haha! SO we had to re wrap it before taking it into Reyn's parents house. We had a blast opening presents there. The whole family was there. We had breakfast and made the kids sing Christmas songs. It was fun. Royce just kept bringing me everyone's bows and ribbon from their presents. haha. I had like 20 of them in my lap by the time we were all done. He loved watching everyone and when one of the kids would get excited so would he. After opening everything at Reyn's parents we headed to Lakeside to be with my family. It was wonderful being up there. Royce loved walking around in the snow. He would fall and try to get up and then because he has a large head would face plant in the snow. Poor baby has chapped cheeks and forehead now from that. But we just played out in my parents yard. My brother and little sister pulled us around on the sled around the drive way. It was fun :) We didn't stay out very long, it was sooo cold! We had a really good time with my family. My mom made a really good turkey dinner Christmas day. And my grandma and aunt came. Saturday we hung out and just enjoyed the day. Sunday we went and fed the ducks. Royce's first time. He loves to quack like a duck. He says "gack gack" haha! it's so cute! He followed them around and tried to talk to them. We got to church early so we could be there for Donny. He got set apart, he is a teacher now, no more deacon! It is crazy! He is growing up so fast! We are all really proud of him for doing what's right. We just stayed for sacrament. Then came back to my parents house loaded up the truck and came back home. It was a busy enjoyable weekend! We had a very wonderful Christmas. We are very blessed. We have great families! We have so much to be grateful for! We hope everyone has a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2010 here we come!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

16 months already!




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Well Royce is 16 months today! I can't believe it! He is so much fun! Growing so fast! HE is a happy over all healthy little toddler. He's mischievous and always getting into something.
The first picture of Royce is his haircut! We finally cut his beach baby hair. Sad to see how much it made him look older. :(
Second and 3rd picture - i let him check himself out in the mirror. He just talked to himself and loved it!
4th picture the stinker got into the drawer in the kitchen and emptied everything out. he was very proud of his accomplishment. Me not so much haha.
5th and last picture, royce stole my corn dog off my plate. and chomped away. haha. He didn't eat much because he did already eat. But he really wanted it. so off he went with it.
We have a ladder in our computer room area and Mr busy body started climbing it. so we need to really watch him now in everything he does.
He is always doing things to make us laugh. he still fake sneezes often. for attention and for trying to distract me from him getting in trouble. He is constantly smiling at me and kissing me. He is such a loving little boy! We are so grateful for his precious spirit that he brings to our home. We love every minute with our little guy!
Merry Christmas Eve today!
And a Very Merry Christmas tomorrow!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Disneyland trip

Every year around this time, Dec 7Th we celebrate Stephanie's birthday. She is Reyn's older sister that passed away 20 years ago. We get together in her loving memory and celebrate all the things she loved in her life. This year we went to Disneyland. There was about 18 of us all together. Reyn's siblings and kids. We had a wonderful time doing the things that Stephanie loved to do.

On Saturday December 5Th we left for San Diego. We stayed the night there with Reyn's parents ate at Lotsa Pasta! Yum! Then Sunday afternoon we headed to our hotel in Anaheim. We stayed in the Paradise Pier Hotel. It was pretty nice. The whole family was there. It was good to have all of us together hanging out. Monday morning we all went to Disneyland. Which was FREEZING! It rained all day! It was quite the adventure. We all headed out to the park at 8 a.m or so and by 10:30 I had had enough. It was so hard to be out in that freezing rain with Royce. I did have a lot of help, it just wasn't enjoyable worrying about Royce the whole time. If he was warm if he was covered. All that stuff. We did get to go on the Indiana Jones ride. Marlo (Reyn's older sister) watched Royce so Reyn and I could go. Then we did the Pirates of the Caribbean. Royce was wide eyed the whole time looking around. Not sure what was going on. He was pointing and jabbering to me. It was cute. Then we did the Haunted mansion ride. Royce and I rode with Landis (our niece). Again Royce was just wide eyed taking it all in. Monday afternoon after lunch the 3 of us (reyn, royce and I) all went up for a nap. Around 6 we went back out to the park once our clothes were dried off. Which by the way I ironed dry. The jeans and socks and sweaters. I didn't know how soon we would be going back down so I wanted everything warm when we did. So we went back out and went to California Adventures. Where Eric (our bro in law) grabbed Royce from us and told us we had to go on the Soaring Ride. SO we did. And we really liked it. After that we went to the Toy Story Ride. Where you wear 3D glasses and you have a string to pull your "gun" and hit as many targets as you can for points. That was a fun little ride/game. I had Royce on my lap so I didn't participate in every target shoot out. After the Toy Story ride we had to run back to the hotel. We had dinner reservations. We had a really enjoyable time with the family at dinner the food was good. The waitress brought us out 2 of everything because the kitchen was "so far away" from our table. So she didn't want to have us not get a drink because she wasn't to us right when we needed her. Then Ellen, Paula and Doug presented a gift to the kids. They had individual books made for each sibling of things that they did with Stephanie during her time here. It was really neat. After dinner we all headed up to our rooms. Then we all crowded into 1 room and had cake - red velvet with chocolate chip and cream cheese frosting! DELICIOUS! I think that was the kind of cake, haha. Anyway so then Marlo presented Doug with a gift she had put together. She made a memory box of all of Stephanie's things. Accomplishments, pictures, likes, many things that represent who Stephanie is/was. It was pretty special! After that we all went to bed. And went our separate ways on Tuesday. We went back to Disneyland for a little bit. Hit up Toon Town and let Royce run wild. We got a picture with Goofy. And then headed on out. We took Deena home lucky girl got to sit in the back with Royce the whole 7 hours. Well we stopped in Blythe for dinner and gas. Royce was pretty good on the way home. Oh I forgot to mention Royce was sick before we left for California. He must of had a virus or something. SO that was the other reason it was really hard with him. There is nothing worse than a sick kid on vacation.
Sorry this post is so long, it's more for journal purposes for me than anything.
That was our vacation to California! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

15 months and 7 days

royce loves playing in his little bus! it's a great learning toy for him.

Royce and cousin Jhade. Royce linked his arm with hers. sooo cute!

Royce playing with uncle Donny's hummer.

Checking under the hood

Royce loves to read his books. And I love that Royce loves to read his books.

He saw I had the camera out, so i had to take a picture of him.

we went into Aunt Amanda's work and we dressed him up.

Royce loves to try to get Eva to laugh. They are good little friends. it's fun to watch them interact.

Well I totally suck at updating about Royce! He is our little fifteen month old now. I can't believe it! 3 more months and he will be in NURSERY! So weird! Where does the time go?! Royce is a lot of fun. He is learning to communicate with us through sign language. I need to continue teaching more words. SO far he signs more, eat and please. Which him just knowing those 3 really helps. It keeps him from screaming at us to get what he wants. We just have him show us what he wants more of and he sometimes does please. I've been trying to teach him milk and all done. But it all takes time. I am just glad he is communicating with me. Royce just recently started folding his hands and jabbering a prayer when we are saying prayer. It's so fun. He is learning so much! We really have to watch what we do and say around him because he is a little copy cat. He says mom, dad, papa, ball, down, and i think he tries to say cool. haha. which cracks me up. I know he says more things. but I'm not sure what they are I'm not even sure he knows what they are. haha. Royce LOVES music. He will dance to any kind of music. He also loves spinning in circles. We call it his spin mode. we have to watch him carefully because he gets pretty dizzy. He also does a little jig. haha. where he just quick steps in place and sometimes moves his hands too. It is soo soo funny! He is a good little boy. He loves other kids. His new thing lately is waving and saying hi! he will wave at anyone. and says hi to everyone. it's so sweet. he is a joy to have in our home. we are so grateful for our little wild boy. He loves when Eva is here. they play together so well. he tries to sit on her. she pulls his hair. and neither cry about it. so it must not hurt either kid. it's been good for Royce to have Eva come over here 3 days a week. it is teaching him patience. and it is teaching me patience and how to manage 2 kids. Luckily though our next kid won't be 5 months younger than Royce. Haha.
Well that's the latest on Royce. I suck at updating on him like i used to.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

weekend pictures

Well this last weekend Nov 21 and 22nd my family was here. So we had Thanksgiving on Sunday. Since my parents and younger siblings were here and my 2 sisters both had work off we had our Thanksgiving early. It was delicious! We then went over to the temple and took family pictures. Which Royce is getting harder and harder to get pictures with. HE always has to have something to entertain him. So the cell phone the football. Whatever kept him quiet and kind of focused. We had a great time with the family.
And this Thursday Royce and I are heading to the Gunnell Thanksgiving. With out Reyn :( Then that evening my 2 sisters are coming over here for some Mexican food! Tacos and beans and salsa and chips! SO MUCH FOOD! Oh well it's the holidays.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Diaper cake

Well on Saturday we went up to Lakeside. My good friend Cynda had a baby shower. So I made her a diaper cake! My first time making one. I loved how it turned out. Cynda and her hubby are big hunters. I always say Cynda is my redneck friend. :) SO on the cake there is a white tail deer and some bear slippers. And some of the ribbon is in pink camouflage. She loved it! It was so fun to put together. We had a great weekend up there. We didn't get to stay long. But we enjoyed the time with the family. Royce liked climbing up and down my parents stairs and playing with uncle Donny's hummer.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

P.A school here we come!

REYN GOT ACCEPTED INTO AT-STILL! It's here in Mesa! It was our first choice! SO EXCITING! He starts P.A. School in June 2010!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


today Reyn and I have been married 4 and a half years! whoa, haha

Royce looking for more cookie

waiting for the cookies to bake, i told him the oven was hot, so he was blowing on it. haha

helping momma make cookies. he was having so much fun.

licking his plate - he had spaghetti

Well many things are changing with Royce. Little stinker quit eating his baby food. He only wants to feed himself now. SO I have to make sure everything I give him is made a finger food. HE is still learning what a plate is and still figuring out the fork and spoon. He empties off the plate onto his tray every time. Why do i even bother giving him a plate. Well i want him to learn that a plate is where his food goes. instead of his tray. But it's a learning/growing process for him. so i spend a lot of time sweeping and cleaning around his area. He is becoming such a big boy. We have to stop leaving important things around now, out of his reach. Because he is getting tall enough to reach everything. He gets on his little tippy toes and blindly grabs for things and pulls them down. Another thing i have to watch out for is paper and books. he is our little goat. he eats paper, envelopes, his books. lots of chunks taken out of his books. I must not be feeding him enough if he feels the need to eat paper. Weird little billy goat boy haha.
Reyn got accepted into Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. It's a Physician assistant program! It starts in June 2010. Right now we aren't 100% sure where or what we will be doing. Reyn has an interview here in Mesa, at a P.A school called AT-STILL tomorrow morning. So we will see how that goes. He has 2 more interviews coming up both in California. So we will just see how these other interviews go. And then weigh out our options. But for now for sure Reyn is in a program! WE are so excited, it's an answer to our prayers! SO now we have the next 7 -8 months to plan and we finally have a light to the end of our tunnel! We are so blessed.