Thursday, December 30, 2010


Papa got Royce a fire truck! Royce LOVES it! It will stay in Lakeside though because I have no where to put it here. And Royce doesn't understand how to ride it yet.

But he loved to sit in it and get pushed around. And he would put his sippy cups in the back.

Cars geo track set from Gma and gpa Gunnell! Royce loves Cars and he loves trains! Best of both worlds!

Royce got a car bed a while back. And we got him Cars Bedding! He loves it!

Every year I try to get a picture of Royce in front of the tree. Well this year he wouldn't let me do the regular sit in the rocking chair picture. Instead he was showing me the mouse he made at Joy School. And when I tried to get him to sit down in the rocking chair he yelled at me. SO no rocking chair picture this year.
We had a wonderful Christmas! We started our Christmas morning opening our gifts at our house. Then we went to Reyn's parents house for the family Christmas gathering. Which is always so nice! WE have a big breakfast and all the family is there. It is a great time :) WE did get pretty spoiled this year. After the Gunnell family Christmas we then drove up to Lakeside for the Borrego Christmas! We really enjoyed our time up there. The whole family was there too! It is just so wonderful to be surrounded by family. WE had a great dinner up there and opened our presents. WE got lots of great things up there too. We are so very blessed with great families. We didn't have a white Christmas though, it snowed after we left. I do like a white Christmas, but I do not like being cold. Royce loved hanging out with uncle Donny and Aunt Hannah. They are so good with him. I am so grateful for our wonderful families. They both take such good care of us. WE hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. And we get to welcome in 2011! SO HAPPY NEW YEAR also! Where does the time go?! Seriously ?!