Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What have we been up to?

Royce stacking his goldfish on his jello fish. This is during Joy School today.

Royce helping me mop at grannie Borrego's house. He is such a good helper.

Here he is again working hard. :) I LOVE THIS BOY! He is so sweet.

Royce was tucking in his crayons and saying "nigh night" to them. It was really cute.

While we were at grannie Borrego's house we made TAMALES! YUMMY! Royce and I went up there last Thursday to help grannie clean and in return she taught me how to make tamales. We had a wonderful time with her. I am very blessed that I am able to go visit her and spend time with her.

It rained like crazy a few weeks ago and Royce wanted to have the door open so he could watch the rain. he loved it.

Royce loves to paint and color and well he just loves crafts.

We went to 5 Guys a few weeks ago and Reyn was carrying Royce on his shoulders. I just thought it was funny the way Royce was holding onto Reyn's head haha.

Royce's angry eyebrows! He was on a kick where he only would eat his food if he could use tooth picks. So when I tried to get a picture he didn't want me to. He yelled "NO!" to me!

Helping me make dinner. He sat there for well over 20 mins just transferring from the box to the bowl.

We got pictures last Saturday. These pictures are from my phone. I will post the actual pictures from our photographer. I just wanted to post some of the ones I had. Royce has such a great smile!

I love this picture of my boys. Royce was showing his daddy his cars.

this was after the photo shoot. Royce played hard. So daddy got him a drink haha. Well they shared. Sort of. :)