Monday, August 24, 2009


Royce's new walker/rider from his aunts and uncles on the Gunnell side

he hauls booty with this walker, til he hits a wall or a couch, then he whines til i turn him around.

Royce and his cousin Sayla in Lakeside, playing with his new barn from gma and gpa Borrego

the kids all surrounding the walker/rider

the giant pizza's for the par-tay

Royce in his new rocking chair from Gma and Gpa - and uncle and aunt Borrego

Eating his 2nd cupcake ever in his life so far. He didn't devour it like he did the first

Eating his first cupcake so far in his life. He loved it. Made a huge mess.
Well our little man is a year old today! He is soo much fun! We love every minute with him. He is growing up too quick for us! I am not ready for him to become a toddler. But it is coming rather I like it or not. We went up to Lakeside on Sat and had a little family (my mom's side) party for Royce. He loved when we sang to him, he was soo excited. He loved his cupcake, well half of it. We had a great time up there with family. Royce got some cute clothes and a rocking chair and a little barn with little animals. Then we came back home. And we had a party for him with Reyn's side of the family. He got his walker/rider. And some more cute clothes. A pair of shoes from Nama & Bopa Gunnell. And he got another cupcake. He is such a joy to have in our home. We love our little boy so much! He is such a blessing. Happy Birthday Royce! We love you son!

Friday, August 21, 2009

San Diego August 09

Ah another amazing trip to San Diego! We got to go for 5 days this time :) We had such a wonderful time! Our friends Clay and Jewelia came up for a few days and we enjoyed having them there with us. Their baby is a week younger than Royce, sooo cute :) We did a lot of walking and relaxing. The weather was gorgeous like always. SO we just soaked it all in. We are so grateful to Reyn's parents for allowing us to spend time there with them. They are so gracious every time we go. They spoil us rotten. We really appreciate them. And their house in San Diego ;)

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