Thursday, July 24, 2008

Photo, child birth class, blah blah

Here are my belly pictures. I am huge! I didn't really realize how big i look until looking at this picture. I am 33 weeks here, getting closer. The amazing part is that i think i look huge here, i still have 7 weeks of growing. This is probably nothing. Oh well. On Monday night Reyn and I took a child birthing class, interesting. So it started at 6 pm and ended at 9pm. The class was surprisingly pretty big, well like 10 pregnant girls, but throw in all the husbands and it becomes 20 people. In a small little room. Well Monday night there was a huge storm, and the electricity went out during our class. We sat for an hour and a half in this room with no a/c, no lights, just dim back up lights. it didn't really get hot til there was only a half hour left of the class. By then the teachers were annoyed and everyone was cooking. so they let us out a bit early. The funniest part about the night was when the lights went out, it was dark, there is a big window out to the parking lot where people can see into the room. And we were all practicing one of the comfort positions. It's just like dancing, Reyn had his hands on my hips, me around his neck, and we were just swaying. All the couples were doing this, and all the sudden a bright light shines in on us. It was the fire truck, so all these fire fighters probably thought we were all crazy. Haha. I don 't know how funny this story sounds, but it was funny at the time.
So then we went again on Wednesday night, last night, and we got to watch all the scary videos. I can say i don't think that this baby is going to come out, it's pretty scary looking. I was freaking out watching these videos, it makes me pretty nervous. We watched a live birth with out any medicine, then we watched a c-section. Then we watched an epidural birth. And oh my gosh, i can't believe im going to have to get this baby out.
I know that everything will be fine, and that things will all work out. But after last night i did get pretty nervous. I didn't think this class was supposed to make you nervous, thought it was going to comfort me. Well in some ways it did comfort me. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. Reyn is a great support, and just know that he is going to be there just helps put me at ease.
Well i better get going. Sorry this post turned out so long. I guess i just needed to kind of express things. Have a good day!

Friday, July 18, 2008

just an update

Well i have realized that i haven't written on here for a while. There isn't much to say. We are pretty boring right now. Oh, well wait i have been in the primary for 3 years. that's right 3 years! But this past Sunday they released me. I guess I haven't been officially released like from the pulpit, but ya, i'm outta there.! This coming sunday we only have sacrament, so i don't teach, but the sunday after that they are going to let me teach. So i will be able to have one last lesson with my kids. I have had the 7 and 8 year olds, they are great. i will miss them. But one thing i am very scared about is going to Relief Society. I have an easier time talking with the kids then the women. I have never gone to relief society in my ward. I know it will be good, but im just nervous about going. I have to become a big girl, lol. so now i don't have a calling, which is kinda nice, no major responsibilities. they told me that i deserved a break especially with little gunnell on the way. Which is only 8 weeks away. Kinda a long time away still, but really not, i work so many hours that the weeks just fly by. i feel like i was just at the 12 week count down. and now here i am saying 8 weeks. I will have to get a picture of my big belly soon enough. and post it, so everyone can see how fat i am. lol. Well enough jibber jabber for now. Have a good weekend ! :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008


YAY! Reyn is all done with ASU! Hooray! He is all done with his bachelors! I am so proud of him! And he got his state certificate for his EMT, so he can find a job now. I am so proud of my hubby, he is such a hard worker. I can't even imagine all the schooling he had to go through these last few years. Studying all day everyday, and working so hard to get good grades. Now we are just waiting for the PA program to let us in. He is applying now, we won't hear anything til December or January. but if he gets in he will start in June 2009. He is excited to get back into the working field again, won't have to worry about tests and finals and homework again, for a while. Reyn keeps pretty busy, he is a great guy! Thank you Reyn for being so wonderful!

I am 30 weeks, the baby count down thing is off a few days. Oh well, who really even knows when this baby will come. You can't even really set a date, i just wish instead of them telling me a date that they would just say sometime in the beginning of September. that way i am not thinking about a certain date, and when that date doesn't happen i won't be disappointed. Oh well. So I am at the 10 week count down, 10 more Sundays, according to the due date. We will just have to wait and see. Our baby is getting strong in my belly, he is crowding my right rib really bad. I have to push him out of the way often. but he always finds his way back to irritate my side. it's pretty exciting, his arrival, but I'm also kinda freaking out. It doesn't seem real yet to me, that he is going to come into this world, and that i am his mom. Whoa, pretty scary. I hope i am a good mom.

Well tomorrow is the 4Th of July! Already, i can't believe that it's already July. where has this year gone. My family will be here to party with us! We are excited. BBQ, swimming, fireworks, our countries independence, good company, etc... I hope everyone has a good 4Th. Adios!