Sunday, December 30, 2007

I LoVE you!

Hello, I just wanted to share this with you...

"One of the remarkable qualities about God's love for us is that not only do we experience it as validating and affirming but it also produces growth and change in us. It literally moves us forward, toward Him and our own eventual exaltation. It is a sculpting, correcting, and purposeful kind of love."

I thought that quote was great, it came from my book that Kolton's parents gave me. I recommend buying it, it is called..."A HEART LIKE HIS. MAKING SPACE FOR GOD'S LOVE IN YOUR LIFE." By Virginia H. Pearce.

I cannot put that book down, it really makes you think and just makes you want to be better. I love it. It honestly is one of my new favorite books besides the Book of Mormon. I think they bought it at book barn? So I think you should look into buying it. :) I love you with all my heart. Both of you. Have a good day!
Love ya!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Here is the beautiful ocean in San Diego. The waves were 15 foot waves this last trip. Not in this picture obviously. But it's just so pretty. the waves are very soothing. I love the ocean. we weren't able to even walk along the beach because the tide was so high. It was nice though.

Well these last few weeks really have been so draining. IT has been emotional, eventful, sorrowful, spiritual, um well a lot of feelings. I just hope my family knows how much i love them. they are great. I have a great dad he is my hero. and my mom she is just so amazing. my siblings wow they have grown so much! I am so proud of them. Aubrey is becoming such an amazing woman. Amanda is growing so much spiritually she too is becoming quite the woman. i am so proud of both of them. Keep up the good work girls! Donny what a stud! I have such a great little brother, what a brave kid he is. i just love him. And last but not least my little Hannah! I love Hannah so much. She is such a good girl, very smart. and beautiful. I am just so proud of my family! They are amazing, we have all been through so much these last few weeks. But we were raised right, to follow the right path. To turn to our Heavenly Father. He is our only way to eternal happiness. I am so grateful to be a member of this wonderful gospel. With out it things wouldn't be as easy to get through. And it isn't that it is soooo easy to get through things, we just have Heavenly Father and our families every step of the way. As long as we allow them. Well enough of this mushie stuff.

On Thursday December 6th Reyn and I went to San Diego. Every year on Dec. 7th we all get together for Stephanie's birthday. She is Reyn's oldest sister, she passed away 18 years ago. So i never met her, but from the sounds of it she was absolutely amazing! i wish i could have met her. But this year the whole family from Reyn's side went to San Diego to celebrate her birthday. There were 15 of us all together. It was a good trip. We were there til Sunday. The 2nd Sunday in a row I have missed. My poor Sunbeams. I love them. Hehe. But yes we all got together, went to the mall, went to a parade. hung out ate a lot. it was good. we all did enjoy our time together. Thanks Doug and Ellen for making it another amazing trip to San Diego.

Today I have the day off. I get to make dinner for the elders and we are having a neat lady come over for dinner too. I am making crockpot enchiladas. I love the crockpot, it makes cooking so easy! Reyn has a huge final today so he has been studying like crazy the last few nights. He is such a good boy, i really am so grateful for Reyn. He works so hard. I love my Reyn! Well I am getting hungry, i think i need to go eat something now. Goodbye for now.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

toyota tacoma

here is the latest addition to our family. hehe

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

thank you aubrey

well the blog is so cute. thanks to aubrey! i have no idea still how to make it cute, so i have aubrey do things for me. reyn and i are doing good. i have the day off today, which is so nice! reyn is at school right now, he's such a good boy. im so grateful for him. he works so hard. well got to go, thank you aubrey for making our blog cute!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Gunnell's

Well I decided to try out a blog for Reyn & I. I am very new to this whole thing, I have no idea how to post pictures on here or anything. So bare with me as i try to figure it all out.
Reyn is going to school still, at ASU. He is also working at Walgreens in the pharmacy still, he has been there for almost 2 years. He applied to PA school but we haven't heard anything yet from any schools. So we aren't sure if he is getting in or not. Right now we are kind of thinking that he won't be getting in this first try. But we still may have a chance, it doesn't start til June. So it is very possible that he gets put on a waiting list and then they could call him. And say hey want to come to our PA school? So right now we are just waiting and waiting.
I work at the tire store still for Reyns dad. It will be 3 years that i've worked there in March. It's crazy how quickly time can go.
Reyn and I are very happy just busy with our little lives.