Monday, May 9, 2011


C.j. and Amanda are married!

May 7, 2011 my little sis and Geegee got hitched!

*****These pictures are not at all in order. They do not even touch the surface of how gorgeous the wedding was and how amazing Amanda and C.j looked. But these are pictures from my camera, the few I do have of Amanda and C.j don't give them justice. But it is my blog and my pictures. So I'll do what I want :)

So Kind of a funny story. - Royce was supposed to be the ring bearer. Well right before the ceremony started Royce took the ring off the pillow and chucked it as far as he could. Luckily Hannah was in charge of the cd player. The ring rolled under a table by her and she was able to get it back on the pillow before the wedding started. Royce was not their ring bearer he didn't want anything to do with it. Uncle Donny got to bring the rings to the bride and groom. Donny had no idea what to do ha, good thing he stepped up though and took over for Royce.

Ok another funny story before we get to the pictures. Right when President Shumway was announcing "Mr. and Mrs Nikolaus" Reyn was handing Royce over to me. Right when I got Royce he let out a toot, not a very quiet one either. All of us on our row were trying so hard to keep it together. And not bust out laughing . Oh Royce only you could be so ornery and still be so cute!

here is my smokin hot outfit haha. :)

i love my red shoes!

my 2 very good looking boys!

4 generation picture. Royce decided to throw a fake fit and fake cry. He was feisty at the wedding. Royce, me, my mom(Royce's grandma) , my mom's dad(Royce's great grandpa).

Royce being a big boy sitting at the table eating his sandwich (sanditch-how he says it)

The best picture we got of the 3 of us from my camera. Seriously Royce would not cooperate the whole day.

Just the 2 of us! We look great :) just saying.

Royce decided he had had it with pictures. He stomped all the way down to the preschool across the street from the church. He just wanted to on the "wee", the slide. This top picture is Reyn bringing him back.

The picture below is Royce storming off in such protest. He had somewhere to go something to do and he didn't want to stay with the wedding line. No more pictures for him.

Another picture of my very active run away boy.

And another one.

The bride and groom cutting their cake!

Amanda's niece (well one them) She loved Amanda's dress and wanted to sit on her lap a lot. It was so cute!

I took this picture in the studio with my phone camera. It is kind of blurry. But Amanda still looks great!

Getting Amanda ready for the pictures and then the wedding! It was fun to have all us sisters in there helping her. Sam Ross was the most help. She did Amanda's hair and helped get everything together. She drove Amanda around. What a great friend to Amanda. Thanks Sam for everything! :)


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wicked wisdom tooth

*** Viewer discretion is advised! ***

I look awful but this blog is my journal in some ways.. so i am posting about my wisdom tooth experience. And this last week.

my left cheek is still swollen. it doesn't look as bad in this picture. but it is.

this picture shows it a little better than the first one.

I took a picture of my x-rays. the tooth was sitting on my nerve, sideways right up against my back molar. it was not a fun extraction!

On Thursday April 28Th I went in to get my last wisdom tooth pulled. I sat down and with in minutes Uncle Steve waved us in. So I went and sat down he gave me 3 shots. We waited a few minutes for it to kick in. Then he got started. After about 15 minutes in he says "I need the mallet and the chisel." My eyes went HUGE! My heart started pounding and I started to fear for my mouth. After 40 minutes into it he said he needed to take a break. Which was good for me because I needed to take a bathroom break. After the break I asked if the tooth was coming out and he said he hadn't even touched the tooth. He had to break away the bone that was covering the tooth first. And then watch for the nerves that the tooth was resting on. He had two dental hygienists in the room helping, I had probably 4 hands in my mouth at one time. It took an hour and 20 minutes to get the wisdom tooth out. He took 3 x-rays and kept turning back to it every time he was about to pound the heck out of my tooth. It was such a different experience than the 2 top teeth that were pulled. He warned me that it was going to be brutal. I don't think he realized it was going to be as bad as it was. I was his last extraction ever. Thursday was his last day. He said he will be back in once a week to finish up some things he started on people but that I was his last extraction. And it was one of his hardest ones.

So now here I am, today is Sunday, my mouth is still swollen a little, I can't open it all the way. I still have a stitch where the tooth was. I am paranoid about eating on or near the left side of my mouth. I haven't brushed my teeth as well as I want or need to. I still can't really sleep on my left side unless my cheek isn't on the pillow.

This week has been chaos. Monday I had Lena and Joy School here. Tuesday I had Lena. Wednesday I had Joy School again. My last time til we decide if we are going to start up again. :) I met up with a friend Wednesday and then watched another friends kids for a bit. Ran a bunch of errands. Then that night Royce decided to get sick. he woke up every 2 hours and he was running a fever and started coughing. Thursday I had to get an oil change on the truck run another errand or 2 then at 1 we dropped Royce off at Papa and Grandma's house. I went to my appointment spent and hour and a half there. My mom came into town Thursday night. I had Reyn give me a blessing, I am so glad I did. Royce woke up only once or twice that night, he was getting sicker :( I was given Lortab to take for the pain and I took it to go to bed. Well it made me extremely itchy and I didn't get much sleep at all. Friday my mom was here helping me with Royce all day. I felt like I needed to take him to the doctor because he had such a bad cough, fever and runny nose. So we took him in and they said he had a virus and that they couldn't give me anything to help him. I just had to keep doing what I was already doing. Friday night was awful! Royce has NEVER been so sick in his life! He didn't sleep at all he was coughing so hard and crying and he had such a high fever. My dad was in town with Donny and Hannah so He helped with Royce too. I had taken benedryl and a Lortab before bed and an hour after i fell asleep Royce woke up coughing it was so bad he couldn't even catch his breath. It scared the heck out of me! We got him medicine and Reyn sat up with him for a long time. Then my mom came in to relieve Reyn so he could get some sleep. And we heard my mom come out of Royce's room and it made us come out to see what was going on. Well Royce was coughing so bad that it made him puke mucus all over his bed! So Reyn and mom cleaned that up while I sat in the kitchen holding Royce. I am pretty sure none of us slept that night we were all so concerned about little Royce. Yesterday Royce was still pretty sick I kept him home all day and tried to relax. My mom and Hannah went home and Dad and Donny stayed here to help with Royce. Last night he actually slept through the night. We all heard him cough a lot and anticipated him waking up. But he never did. I am so glad. I don't think we got much sleep though, because every time we heard him I think we were all ready to run in and try to make him better. Today we stayed home from church. Royce and I relaxed and Reyn studied. Dad and Donny left this morning. I am so grateful for the help from my family this weekend. I am so grateful for prayer and for the priesthood. I don't think I would have been able to handle the last 3 days if it weren't for the blessing Reyn gave me. Today Royce is still on the mend. I hope to have him all better by tomorrow, Tuesday at the latest ha. This week is going to be a busy busy week so I need him in tip top shape. My mouth is still swollen a little it is still sensitive but I don't feel sick or anything. I gotta make it through this week healthy and be healthy for this weekend. It's Amanda's wedding!

Well there's my life over the last week! I hope this week will be better and I can get the many things done that I need to.