Tuesday, March 25, 2008


These last few weeks a have had these terrible allergies. I get them every year, and they are awful! For the last 3 years i have had to go get the kenalog shot and it is amazing. But this year i am pregnant and i don't want to risk anything. So last night i didn't sleep very well at all. I woke up at like mid night sneezing, who sneezes at mid night!? apparently i do. Then again at 3 am i was up. this time poor reyn woke up too. I just hate having these stinking allergies! And i feel so bad for waking Reyn up. He is at school today probably really tired. Cuz of me. Oh well so that's my post for this time. Sorry i am not very entertaining.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've been tagged! Sheesh

ok so 7 random or weird facts about me.

# 1 When Reyn and i were into playing Dr. Mario on our x-box i was obsessed. In fact i still am. i think of ways to land the pills on the infections to eliminate them. I am getting pretty good now that i can play on the same level as reyn. And beat him the first 2 rounds. It's so addicting!

# 2 I will not wear sandals! No matter how hot it is my feet will not be seen.

# 3 I need to have a blanket/sheet on me any time i am going to sleep. It is a comfort thing for me.

# 4 I do worry about Reyn all day. I think about how he is doing. Is he safe? Does he need anything? Weird but he is my husband. I just want to make sure he is ok. And doing well. When I finally get to see him and be with him it relieves a lot of worry.

# 5 i don't think i have anymore things, well i am sure i do, i am so random, one of the most random people in the world. my mind is always going and i don't stay on one subject very long. I have a spinning wheel in my head and whatever it lands on is what comes out of my mouth. And yes it is very random usually.

# 6 I am kind of embarressed to say that i am not a big shopper. I like getting new things, but i don't like spending 5 to 6 hours looking for new things. I am not a big spender either. Reyn is the one to purchase things before i do. he is our money spender for the most part. He can give me $60.00 to go spend on myself. and i come back with maybe $40. and i end up sometimes getting him something. but to spend on me and to shop for myself or shop at all, im not too fun.

# 7 The only only thing that i can and will shop for is SHOES! I love shoes absolutely love them. But again with the whole shopping thing i have to know what i want with shoes. and i don't find what i want then i do not usually come home with anything. I do have my lucky days when i do come home with like 2 or 3 pairs. But i didn't spend all day looking for them.

So there are 7 random/weird things about me.
I don't even know if i have really want to tag anyone. I imagine that most everybody has been tagged already. I took sooo long to write this up about myself. sorry.
actually maybe i will tag ashley gillett. ok ash it's your turn girlie!