Friday, July 22, 2011

Pinning Ceremony

July 18, 2011

We got to attend Reyn Pinning Ceremony. This time last year it was the White Coat Ceremony! It is amazing how fast the time went. This last year has been very hard with Reyn in school. He is gone a lot studying and in class and working on projects for class. But I am so proud of him! Reyn is doing great in school. The Pinning Ceremony is recognition that the students made it through their first year of didactics. And will go on with their second year in clinicals. I still can't believe we have made it to this point already. The year has gone by fast, now that we are at this point. But getting through this first year wasn't super easy. Reyn just has a week left of finals and then a week of clinicals. Then a 2 week break! He starts clinicals August 22, 2011. His first rotation will be at Perriville Women's prison in Goodyear, Az. What a way to start off clinicals haha. Reyn is going to do great because he is smart and great with people! Reyn I am so proud of you. Of all your hard work and your patients with everything.

I am so blessed to have such a good husband. I am a very proud wife! I have so much to be thankful for. We have great family support during all this schooling. We truly are SO blessed!

My parents and younger siblings also attended but i don't have a picture of all of us with them. There was one from Mom Ellen's phone but it was blurry.

Reyn receiving his pin.

Reyn walking up to get his pin :)

Royce and daddy :)

Reyn's proud parents. ;) we are all really SO proud of Reyn!!!

One year down one more to go! We so got this!!!!