Thursday, February 25, 2010

18 months


Well yesterday Royce turned 18 months! He is learning and growing so much. His latest thing is sweeping, raking and mopping. He takes my broom out as often as he can and tries to help. We got Royce his own broom and dust pan at Toys R Us so he can help. And not carry around the giant kitchen broom. His broom is just his size and so far he likes it. At Reyn's parents house he carries the rake around everywhere. If i mop he is right behind me "helping." He likes climbing on everything that he can. He is still to short to get on our couch by himself. But he climbs into the drawer on the computer desk and just hangs out. He loves basketball, and he loves when Reyn helps him make baskets. He is a good boy. His vocabulary is still growing strong. He loves planes, trains and cars. He loves to play with Eva and she finally plays back. Before he would try to show her things or he would talk to her and she would crawl away. Now she is interacting back. It is fun to watch them play together and listen to them jabber back and forth. Royce just went to his 18 month check up and get his last shot til he is 2. Our doc brings in his dog once in a while and the day Royce was in the dog was there. Royce was going crazy, barking at the dog. And pointing at it say dog is his own way. He pretty much just says "Dddoo" Having the dog there was good for Royce it made getting the shot a little easier. He is such a tough guy :) Royce is still a little/big guy. He is only in like the 10% of the charts. But doc said he is developing just fine. And looking at his parents he doesn't have much of a chance. lol. So as long as he keeps gaining weight each appointment and keeps on developing then all is well. And so far he is doing great. He is such a smart baby. We love everyday with him. Even the not so easy days. I just wanted to blog a bit about Royce. I will be blogging again tomorrow.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Late Post of my Valentines day

Saturday morning I woke up we got ready for the day. And Reyn said we are going out tonight. I asked who we were going to have watch Royce. He said it was already taken care of. So I pretty much left it at that. We had a pretty busy day Saturday. Reyn took Royce to Chase Field with our Brother in law. They got a tour of everything. There is a picture of a tire here posted - and it is for the players to hit, kick, throw things at, just take out their frustration. Reyn said they had a pretty good time. It's just hard to do much with an 18 month old. He was too small for the games and bouncy toys they had. Reyn ended up just carrying him around the whole time. But fun none the less. :) I was visiting my good friend and her baby in the hospital. Then I picked the boys up and Royce got a nap. Later around 7 p.m Aubrey showed up to watch Royce. Reyn told me earlier during the day that I had to dress nice for the dinner. I was getting pretty excited. I really didn't think we would do anything or much for each other for Vday. But Reyn sure surprised me. We pulled up to the Hyatt hotel and had 2 men open our doors for us. Valet parking, I knew it much be good :) Reyn asked if I was getting excited, of course I was! Then we walked into the hotel and Reyn asked where the Compass room was. And we were pointed the right direction - we got to the elevator it went fast, we got to the 24th floor and I noticed something was spinning. Making me feel dizzy. Then we got right in - Reyn had made reservations 2 weeks ahead of time! Good boy! We sat down, and we slowly rotated around and got a good view of Phoenix. It was wonderful! We had good food good service good views! And even better dessert! It was a fabulous surprise! I am so grateful for Reyn! I have been blessed with such a wonderful husband! We had a great time on our date just talking and laughing. He truly is my best friend. Thank you Reyn for such a great surprise. I love you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

It's been a while

Royce - He has been sick for the last 3 1/2 weeks. He got his first ear infection on Jan 20th. And it turned out to be a double ear infection! We gave him his antibiotics faithfully for the full 7 days. He seemed to be doing fine. Then a few days later, he was tugging on his ear again! We had a really rough few days fever at 104 degrees! We took him to the doc and he had another ear ache again. Apparently it never healed from the first ear infection. SO the last few weeks have been miserable for Royce and us. He seems to be on the road of recovery. But that was what we thought 3 weeks ago. I just hope this really is the end of his sicknesses for a while. Poor little guy tries to be happy - but he is so miserable that he is just fussy and clingy. He hasn't been eating very good since he's been sick, so he has lost 1/2 a lb. It's been so hard seeing him sick and not happy. As long as he has motrin or tylenol in him he seems to be happy. SO the last 2 days I have been consistent with the meds - that's what the doc said to do.

So on a brighter note, Royce and Eva are becoming little buds! It's so cute to watch them play together and interact. He is always giving her kisses and hugs. And always trying to get her to smile or laugh. It's so cute! He is a sweet little boy. We love Royce so much! We are so grateful for him. Even when he is sick :). Hopefully he will be up to his healthy happy self soon. We are doing all we can to get him better. :)