Sunday, June 15, 2008

HICKISH? . . . . . . .

This is me in my wranglers and cowgirl shirt. This is the outfit to be worn at the wedding, as a bridesmaid. We had to alter the shirt just a bit to show that I wasn't a girl wanting to be a guy. My sister in law Paula helped me, she had to safety pin my sleeves because they were so big. And she took some no sew and tightened it just under my chest so it could look like i have a chest and a pregnant belly. It turned out looking way better after she was done. This picture actually doesn't make me look too bad. I expected myself to look way worse.

Alright so this weekend was a crazy one. On Friday the 13th was my ( heidi's) birthday. We went up to Lakeside on Friday. I didn't have to work. Yay! I made $200.00 just for having a birthday, what a good gift. Money is always so nice! And Reyn surprised me and he went and got steps on my truck. So i can get in it, i haven't been able to drive it much these last few months. Im too fat with child to hop right in. But now thanks to my wonderful husband i can hop into my truck again. I also got to eat at La Casita, my favorite mexican food restaurant. Then Friday night off to the Hook 'N Spur for the wedding rehearsal. Let me explain here for a minute about why my title is called "hickish". Well my very good friend Cynda got married this Saturday, June 14th. We are two completely opposite people, she is tall skinny and beautiful. And a bit of a redneck. She is very proud of this title "redneck". So her wedding was outside at a place called the Hook 'N Spur. It is in a meadow, field type of place. There was a pretty little stream, beautiful green grass, nice big pine trees, etc... The wedding turned out beautiful. The bride was absolutely gorgeous! It was just a very pretty little wedding. I was a bridesmaid, I wasn't so attractive. At 6 months pregnant in about 90 degree weather at 1 in the afternoon, i wasn't so attractive. I did post some pictures of the wedding. This picture is walking away from the ceremony after the bride and groom were announced husband and wife. If you look real close you can see that the guy i was walking with was handed a beer. As well were all the other groomsmen. It was pretty funny.

This picture is of us walking down the isle, you can kinda see my baby bump. We had to alter the shirt a bit, to show that I was actually pregnant, and not just a big frumpy fat girl.

Here is Mr. and Mrs. Matt Logan. As they were walking off after being announced husband and wife. they do make a great couple. He has a little girl that is just so in love with cynda, it's so sweet.

this is where the minister stood, to marry them. Nice touch, don't you think?

and ta da! the gorgeous bride! She really was so so pretty!
Then Sunday, June 15th, Happy Father's Day! it was a busy weekend. But it was a fun one. it was great to be with my family this weekend. We came back home a few hours ago. And now its just preparation time. get all the laundry washed and get things ready for work and school tomorrow. Fun fun. well hopefully everyone had a nice weekend. and a great father's day to all those fathers out there. have a great work week. :)