Friday, July 24, 2009


Being a goofball, this is what happens when he is very tired, he gets slap happy crazy.
I got him to stop laughing and acting silly.
what is this face, haha, he is too cool

we shared a banana, this was his mouth full.

Well another month has come and gone, our little boy is almost a year old! Yikes!! He is a little terror, haha, into everything and anything. Royce is learning and growing so much! We love our little boy. He is such a fun little guy. I just wanted to make sure I posted that he was 11 months old today. Since every month I have posted for him. Most posts are about him. But today is one month closer to a year old! Time flys when you are having fun!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We got an elliptical!

Well over the last few months we have been discussing how we would like to have our own elliptical. So yesterday Reyn went on Craig's list and searched and searched and called around. And we came across this awesome machine! It is a big heavy elliptical, so far no problems with it. I worked out on it for 10 minutes and almost died. haha, but it will be easier the more I push myself, and allow myself to ease into it. I am so excited for this purchase!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Jeff came over to assess the situation with the cat - which happened to actually be a kitten. Poor little guy :( Well Jeff didn't think he was going to be the hero of the night. He was just seeing what could be done with out having to tear our fire place apart. Earlier in the day we had a Chimney Sweep come out and see if he could pull the kitten out with his snare. Well that was unsuccessful. The kitty pushed itself into the corner and was hissing and putting up a good fight. He did tell us that if someone was small enough they could possibly go through the damper and get the cat out. But we would have to break the damper. And put someones face at risk of getting clawed off. So he recommended we have the fire department come - which there was no way we wanted them over. They would bring in hammers and axes and break our fire place to pieces to get the cat out. We know this because we called a fire fighter who is a friend of Jeff's. So then the other recommendation Gary Poppins ( The Chimney Sweep guy) had was to call his friend Jimmy who does masonry. He could give us an estimate and let us know what it would take to get the cat out. Which was cutting a hole in the fire place, reaching in and pulling the cat out and the repairing the hole. Well we were not about to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to get a cat out that wasn't ours. So we didn't have Jimmy come out and give the estimate. So we were kind of at a loss with what to do. Around 6 p.m Jeff called me and said he was going to come over to check it out. He shows up in a white t shirt and tan shorts! haha! Anyway- This is bad, but he brought a gun over with him to possibly kill the cat and take it out of it's misery. And then light a huge fire and see if it would burn the cat and the smell. When he got here he poked his head in the fire place and noticed that he could fit his hand up into the damper. So he went to the roof and used the 2 by 4 to poke the kitty and try to get it cornered so he could reach in and get it from inside. So about an hour went by and he was still trying to figure out how to get the cat to stand up and he could yank it out. It was so funny! Very comical night - watching and listening to him and his son converse about how to get the cat cornered. All of the sudden Jeff arches his back and shoves his arm further into the damper yells out and then pulls out this screaming meowing kitten! We put it in the cat trap and offered it some tuna. Which it would not take, still scared out of its mind. Poor kitty! But Jeff got it out alive and we don't have murder of a cat on our hands! Such a relief. And we didn't have to leave our house! It was an amazing event. A life was saved and we have peace and quiet in our fire place again. Jeff looked like a coal miner when he was all done. The area around the fire place was covered in soot. And Jeff left my shower and bathroom messy with soot. And he left his clothing here for me to wash - while he wore home Reyn's clothing. But we didn't have to pay any money, we didn't have to kill anything and we got to sleep at our house with out a cat meowing loud as ever.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

San Diego

Royce throwing the clumps of sand.

hanging out in the stroller.

OK well we went to San Diego the last 4 days. got back last night. it was such a wonderful trip! we didn't want to come home. but we are going back next month so it's ok. Royce was a good boy. he is so easy going. as long as we let him get his naps in he is fun. we got up there Friday night late. and it messed Royce up - he is in bed between 8 and 9. And we had him in the truck driving at this time. So we get to San Diego at like 11 p.m and we stayed up and talked with Reyn's parents for a bit. which kept Royce awake. then the whole night he was up like every 2 hours. we finally had to put him in our bed, which we never do. and he kicked us and kept us awake -while he was asleep. little stinker. so Saturday i got I'm back on his schedule of naps and he slept all night :). we took him to the beach. when the water got to his feet he would raise one foot. it was so funny. he never cried while we were in the water or sitting on the towel in the sand. he didn't like the sand too much though, he only wanted to pick up the clumps. and when they broke he would throw it. he is our little water baby, he loves it so much. we had a great time with Reyn's parents they were there with us sat and sun. then Mon morning they left. so we had the condo to ourselves Mon and Tues. it was such a relaxing trip. i love San Diego. i can't wait til we go back in august!
So on another note when we got home last night, we heard a cat meowing in our fire place. The stinking cat is stuck in there. We can't reach it, it is stuck between the wall and the fire place. I called Animal Control the lady said they won't/can't help us. ! What good is Animal Control if they won't get the dang cat out of my fire place! Ugh! So they told me to call a Chimney Sweep company. I did, and I had to leave a message. The guy will/should call me back tonight at 6 or 7 to make an appt. Mean while I have a cat stuck, and it is loud and annoying probably scared to death! It is such a pain in the butt! Our neighborhood is full of cats, so i already don't like them and I am allergic to the dumb things. It just makes me mad that our neighborhood has like 50 stray cats running around. And one of those cats is in my fire place! Ugh! Hopefully we will be rid of it tonight or tomorrow. Poor cat, but poor us for listening to that awful meowing!