Thursday, January 20, 2011

Collage post

We went up to Globe to visit Grannie and help her clean her house. She was so excited to teach us how to tie this quilt her way. We had a very enjoyable time with her. I love that we can take the time to spend with her. She is a very special lady! I love to sit and visit with her.
Royce LOVES to wear his daddy's shoes! He wears them all the time. He just wants to be like his daddy :)
We went up to Lakeside this last weekend. Reyn went skiing and Royce and I stayed back and hung out with my mom, Donny and Hannah. Royce loves it up there. Donny builds him blanket forts and plays basket ball with him. Hannah is great with him and plays whatever he wants to play. It was a quick and enjoyable trip.
Yesterday Royce and I went to the Zoo with a good friend and her 2 little boys. We had a lot of fun visiting and showing the boys all the animals. Royce really got into this time. He would say all the animal sounds and try to say the animal names for me. Thank you Marisa for the invite. We had a great time! :)
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Catch up/random

I got a camera for Christmas! I needed one so bad! I have been using the camera on my phone for so long! But I finally got one from Doug and Ellen! (well on my christmas tag it said "to heidi love Ashton" haha) yay! I LOVE IT! Hopefully I will have better posts now. Because I have a great camera to capture the moments :)

So one night Reyn was getting all the groceries out of his car and Royce was in and out helping him. Well Reyn came in and Royce didn't so Reyn went back outside to get Royce. And he wasn't outside! And he wasn't in the garage! Reyn started to look harder and he realized that the door was shut to his car. Reyn looked in and Royce was behind the wheel! Royce climbed in the passenger side and shut the door. And was having a blast checking out all the buttons in his daddy's car. So Reyn ran inside and got me and we both got in the car. We let Royce play for probably 5 minutes. He threw a huge fit when it was time to get out. Little stinker! He LOVES cars!

Royce pushing all the buttons he could in Reyn's car.

Our truck hit 50,000 miles in Dec! I wanted to get a picture of it right when it hit 50,000. But we missed it by a mile lol. I still wanted a picture. Our truck has been so good to us the last 2 plus years.

This is just a random sign on a car. I was coming out of Hobby Lobby with Mom Ellen and this was parked by her car.

I know it is weird I took a picture of these flowers on my floor. But I wanted to get a good view of them. They are so pretty! Reyn got them for me when I was having a hard time. He is a great hubby :)

This picture is Royce and his cousin Ridge! They have their good days where they like each other and get along. So I had to capture it on camera to prove it. Most of the time Royce runs from Ridge and doesn't want anything to do with him. But this day he really enjoyed Ridge's company.

This is his new bedding he got for Christmas. When we first put it all on he wanted to stay in his room. He sat on his bed for probably 15 mins. He is very happy with his new bedding and his bed!

We just used the bedding from Royce's crib until Christmas came. He loves his new bed. :)

Also in November Reyn surprised both Royce and I with this new car bed for Royce :) Reyn was looking at all the car beds on Craigslist and showing me all the different ones. Then he showed me this one and asked me what I thought. I told him I liked it and he said "good, because it is in our garage right now"

I didn't get the whole thing covered in powdered sugar before I took the picture. But you get the idea, it was soo good ;)

This was the delicious pumpkin roll! For my first time making it, I'd say it was AMAZING!

Royce was helping me put the powdered sugar on the towel. He loved eating the powdered sugar too.

This is the pureed pumpkin, it was just barely enough for the recipe of the pumpkin roll.

So back in November I decided to take the small pumpkin we had from Halloween and chop it apart. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I think I was chopping and peeling and chopping and more peeling for a good hour! My hands were sore and cut up haha. I know I am a wimp. I just told Reyn that we were going to eat that pumpkin so I was determined to do just that. haha.