Tuesday, May 18, 2010

San Diego w/ the Borrego's

Royce at Joe's Crab shack

Reyn and I shared this king crab, it was DELICIOUS!

Here we are with our bibs :)

My dad found a feather and stuck it in Royce's back pocket. Royce loves to throw sand EVERYWHERE.

Our last 20 mins to San Diego Royce had lost it, he was not happy. So i handed him the little tv and he was good almost til we got there.

Well this last weekend was CRAZY! First off on Thursday May 13th we drove up to Lakeside for my mom's graduation. She graduated from nursing school. We drove up Thursday at 12:30p.m ate La Casita! YUMMY! Then drove down to the Show Low auditorium for her graduation. We took part in the pinning ceremony. All of us went on stage and got to hug her and dad put her pin on. She has to take her National Board test still. We are so proud of her huge accomplishment! She put a lot of time and work into her classes. And it has paid off, not just to get the boards passed too. Which I know she will do fine. :) Good job mom! So after her graduation we drove back down to our house. Got home at around 11:30 I think . And woke up the next morning and we all drove to San Diego. My family came with us this time. It was a celebration for mom graduating and a celebration for Reyn starting P.A school. We figure it will prob be our last trip for a while. So we all went except Aubrey. :( She started a new job on Wed May 12th and wasn't able to to with us to graduation or to San Diego. She was very much missed!
Before we went to San Diego on Wed I think it was I took Royce to the doc. He had a really runny nose and was very whiny and clingy. And I wanted to make sure he didn't have an ear infection or anything. Well the doc said he was fine, no ear infections lungs were clear. Just a runny nose, maybe teething. And he had a little fever all week. Until we took him to the doc and all the sudden his temp was fine and they said he was just fine. Well we got to San Diego Friday and that night Royce started coughing really bad. And ended up with croup! UGH! I knew he was sick! Anyway I had some medicine that helped clear his nose and stop his coughing so he could sleep. But Friday night was not a fun night. I am grateful that I am a crazy mom and that I pack EVERYTHING for Royce. I don't go on any trips with out any and every medicine I can think of for Royce. And any and every outfit for any unexpected weather, Royce usually has the most luggage when we go anywhere. But I never regret packing so much. It always comes in handy.
So Saturday we walked down to the farmers market and got some amazing cherries! And played a little on the beach. It was pretty chilly, so we weren't going to play in the water. Royce just throws the sand he didn't care to go into the water this trip. He knew it was too cold to get in. We ate at Joe's crab shack for lunch and it was pretty good. Reyn and I shared a king crab bbq flavored. I have never eaten crab that way. And it was fun and way messy! Royce didn't eat most of the trip. Poor little guy was pretty sick. :( We just bundled him up and I would give him medicine and we would just each take turns holding him. He did love to hold our hands and walk with us. Which was great cuz it wore him out pretty good. He still got pretty good sleep after Friday night. He would nap for 2 or 3 hours and sleep at night 10 to 11 hours. The rest of the time we were there his croup cough went away he still has a cough. It just doesn't sound like a seal anymore.
Sunday we went to Coronado Island and hung out at Hotel Del. It was fun for my family they had never been there. So it was fun to take them over there. And we ate at Miguels! YUM! We LOVE Miguels! After that we drove back to the condo and put Royce down for a nap I think some went out for a walk while Royce slept. Once Royce woke up we all went down to the bay area and let Royce swing and play. Then on our way back to the condo we stopped for pizza. It was pretty good :) We had planned on coming home Sunday. But we all decided to stay one more day. So Reyn called in sick and we got to enjoy the rest of Sunday and made Smores :)
Monday morning we cleaned the house and packed up. It was sad to leave, but at the same time I was ready to get Royce home and in his own bed. It was a good long weekend. Royce being sick on a vacation is so hard on me. It is so draining! Over all we had a great relaxing trip.
I wasn't good at getting hardly any pictures this trip. I forgot my camera every time we did anything. Except I had my cell phone on me. But I didn't take more than 10 pictures the entire trip. Oooops.
Well that was our weekend. Busy busy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Squaw Peak (Piestewa Peak‎) whatever peak hike :)

We made it to the top! Well not quite the tippy top, it was too jagged to go all the way.

After the hike, the walk to the truck seemed like forever haha.

Last Saturday Reyn decided we needed to go hike. His partner from work came with us. And had to head to the top without us. I am in such horrible shape! But Reyn being the patient hubby he is stuck with me. And got me to the top. We did end up having an enjoyable time. It did get warm near the end. But it felt good when it was over. My calves were killing me for probably 3 days after. But it was that good kind of kill :), the kill of accomplishment. We are glad we were able to go on a hike nearing the summer. Probably the last hike for a while. Reyn's parents were able to watch Royce for us. So it all worked out :) I love spending time with Reyn. And I am thankful that he is patient with me and loves me.