Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Who needs it haha. Wisdom teeth that is.... Today I went into our dentist, Uncle Steve. I had some bad pain on my lower mouth behind my last tooth my gums were swollen back there and hurting. So I went in to get them looked at and he said "looks like you need your 2 top wisdom teeth removed." I probably looked like I was going to cry. He says kind of with excitement in his voice "do you want me to take them out right now?" um i was in panic mode ha. I have been terrified of this thought of getting my teeth removed. My heart was pounding and I was extremely nervous. Luckily Reyn had gotten out of class early so he was actually there with me at the appt. I ended up saying yes to getting them removed. And Uncle Steve numbed me up went out and got Reyn. He gave me 4 shots and the entire time I was praying for comfort. I actually almost asked for a blessing first. But I just prayed and prayed and i was comforted. it took about 30 seconds to remove both my teeth! I couldn't believe how fast it went! I am grateful he was able to do it so quickly. I do have a bottom wisdom tooth that is impacted. it has to come out it is pushing my teeth together and making them go crooked. so next month I go in again for my last bit of wisdom to be removed. It will not be as easy and quick as my 2 top teeth. it will actually have to be cut open and broken up and then removed. it hasn't broke the surface yet and it is growing in sideways. so i will probably have a blessing for that one. I am glad they are removed and hopefully they will heal to their fullest in the next 24 hours. I am grateful that Uncle Steve is good at his job. I am grateful Reyn was able to be there. and I am grateful for the hygienist that let me squeeze her hand tight when I got the shots. I am also grateful for grava and papa gunnell for watching Royce while we were at the dentist. I really do have so much to be grateful for. I am so blessed.