Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We've been busy .........

this post is of the first 2 weeks of our time in Show Low. We had fun, kept busy and now we are so glad to be home.

We went to dads ward and decided it was a good place for pictures. :)

Royce's idea to hug the tree. He is such a funny guy

Putting his puzzle together at grandmas house. He spent hours with the different puzzles.

Papa had binoculars for Royce to see if he could find uncle Donny. It was so cute to look over at him concentrating so hard to find Donny.

Every time I would ask Royce if he wanted to sit with me, He would say to me "no mom I'm watching the football game." He sat most of the game on Papa's lap.

We went to the football game. Uncle Donny is the kicker for Show low. Which has been a hard transition for us. We are still Yellow Jacket fans. SO i just yell for Donny when he gets up to kick his field goal. For the play offs he was 21 for 21 in making his field goals! Even though he is a cougar now, I am still sooo proud of him! He's got a crazy good kicking leg haha! :)

We went and walked the Rim. One of my favorite places still.

Royce running around and showing me his jumping and balancing skills.

Daddy helping Royce make the big jump to the other rock.

We walked the rim

We went out for a drive and got a few pictures with the fall leaves.


A little boys dream! Royce spent hours outside playing with these.

This is my dads house. He lives on some very beautiful property. Royce loved playing outside and running around.

below: Royce fell asleep with Kermit on his hand haha. He is such a funny little boy.

We spent the last 7 week/weekends in Show low for Reyn's E.R. rotation. We stayed at my moms mostly. I sent Reyn up a few times with out us. All the traveling back and forth was wearing us out. We enjoyed our time up there, but we are so glad to be home.