Wednesday, December 24, 2008


well here is our Christmas tree, haven't posted it yet.

chowing on his fist again! He is working on getting the whole thing in there so he can be the coolest boy around :)

this was Sunday morning, he threw a huge fit and then conked out. haha. This outfit he is in his Auntie Aubrey gave to him.

He is so funny always studying his toys and hitting himself on the head with them. haha, and then getting mad at me for letting him hit himself. lol what a goof!

nap time - haha he already thinks he is stressed. has his hand placed on his head.

lately he takes his binky out and looks at it and then tries to put it back in. not successful usually.

sleeping again - he is so peaceful when he is sleeping.

daddy and royce. I love when he holds him. :)
Well we have a 4 month old now! I can't believe how fast the time is going. He is still a little guy. But just recently he started eating 6 to 7 ounces every feeding! That is a lot for him. He was just eating 4 ounces like a week ago. So he had a major increase in his appetite. But I am ok with that, now is the time for him to fatten up. He is so fun discovering new things every day. He still love his hands and he will stare at them for a long time and study them. He still eats his fist and drools a lot. We love love love our precious little guy! We are so thankful for him. We are so blessed. He is over all a very healthy baby. He is so smiley and happy. He is so cuddly and smart.
Well we hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

Friday, December 12, 2008


well Royce is strong enough to sit up in the bumbo. He is mr. tough stuff :)

He loves his little book, it makes a crackle noise. He is a good reader ;)
Haha always sticking his tongue out. And drooling. I hope he isn't teething yet.

He is so funny, he was laughing in this picture. My dad told me to take a picture of Royce and sent it to him. And this was the cute picture I got to send. Haha, Royce is such a funny boy.

He is just super cute here! He likes to sit up in the corners of the couch.

A macaroni penguin - We got to go on a Penguin Experience Tour at Sea World. The whole Gunnell clan went out so San Diego. And we all got to pet a penguin and go inside their freezing home. We were behind the glass waving at people that were going thru the exhibit. It was pretty neat.

Reyn and I

Crazy penguins all were waiting at the gate when we walked in. It was really funny. The one that looks head less is actually sleeping, haha. He was fine and then all the sudden he was head less. And out cold (haha, I'm a jokester)

Reyn petting the Macaroni penguin

Me petting the Macaroni penguin

A big fat Emperor penguin

Me, Reyn, Deena, Chip

Haha gooofy!

Alright so the Gunnell clan all got together for cake and ice cream. And Marlo pulled out these cool cups :) Do you like?

I finally got my nose ring I always wanted :) haha
  • Ok so there is a lot to talk about haha. This is a blog overload. But we have been busy. haha. So on Saturday Dec 6th Reyn, Royce and I headed to San Diego. Everyone else was already there. We got to the house and dropped off our things I fed Royce and changed him. We went and picked up a quick lunch. And then we went over to Sea World where the family was. Every year we get together with Reyn's side of the family. We celebrate Stephanies birthday. She passed almost 20 years ago. So it has become tradition to all get together in her memory. It was my 4th year doing this with the family. We always do something that Stephanie loved. So anyway, Reyn, me and Royce got to Sea world pretty much on time to go to our Penguin tour. Reyn's mom kept Royce while we went thru. Because it was freezing in the penguins little home. It was really neat. After the tour we met up with everyone and then broke off again. Those with us went on the water rapid ride thing. I didn't go because I didn't want to get wet. It was kinda cold. Plus I didn't want to be wet and cold since I have Royce. That is all I needed was for him to get to cold and get sick. So I stayed away from the water rides. I left to go feed Royce and in the few minutes of searching for a nursing room he fell asleep. And I got lost, so I just sat down and let him sleep. After a while everyone started calling me - but my phone was buried at the bottom of the diaper bag. So once I found it I noticed like 3 missed calls. I also had Reyn's phone, so they tried calling that too. I finally met up with everyone again. And the boys left again for another round of rides. It was dark by the time we left. But we had a good time :)
  • On Sunday we all drove out to Coronado island and had Miguels for lunch! Y-U-M! We walked around there for a bit. And then drove back and checked out a house for sale. So nice, pretty expensive, fun to dream :) After that we all met up for cake and ice cream. Red velvet cake that Francis made. Very very good! That is where the cool cups were introduced to all of us :) We were all super attractive. * Sunday was Stephanies birthday by the way :) Then that night we went out to Ihop for dinner.
  • Monday we met for lunch at Round table pizza and then went and got ice cream after. And everyone left . Except us and Reyn's parents. So we came back and took a little nap. And Reyn's parents babysat Royce while we went on a date. We went and saw Twilight! I was so happy to finally see it! And Reyn is the best husband for going for my sake. He knew how much I wanted to see it. And I LOVED IT! It wasn't like i pictured it to be but it was good. I can't wait to see the rest of them. When we came back Royce was asleep. He was a very good boy for gma and gpa.
  • Tuesday we helped clean house and went to a Thai restaurant. And packed up and the three of us went home. Doug and Ellen stayed back and finished cleaning. We had a wonderful time! We love San Diego. Royce was a very good boy on the way home slept almost the whole time!

Well there is more blogging to come. I am in my friend's wedding tomorrow I am sure there will be pictures of that :) TTFN :)


Monday, December 1, 2008

Here are the rules that you agree to when you accept this award:
“When you receive the prize, you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing that they were prized with ‘Honest Weblog’. List if you can and/or dare at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!”
Well as far as I know Kimberly and Jodi gave me awards :) Thanks girls. But you are about to learn the truth :(
1. Well first off I do not make my blog cute! I will have to give Aubrey all the credit. I don't have the slightest idea of how it goes. haha.
2. I discovered today that I am apparently pretty homely, haha. I went to get a manicure done today with friends. And they wanted to wax my eye brows for free and I refused. I DON'T want to maintain eye brow waxing. I will just stick to my plucking when it doesn't look good.
3. They also wanted to do a pedicure - but I had surgery on my big toe when I was eight and I DO NOT like my feet! I won't let anyone touch them except Reyn. And that is only sometimes.
4. I can't sleep when it is hot, but I can't sleep unless I have a sheet or blanket on me.
5. Anytime I do any cooking or baking in my kitchen I have to clean it right after or during. I can't stand my kitchen to be messy!
6. I absolutely love shoes! Any where we go I always like to go look at the shoes ( just in case there is a shoe sale or something.)
7. I hardly wear make up. It just takes that much more time for me haha. ( man I really am homely)
8. I always dress up as nice as I can on Sunday. It is my only day to really look nice and feel good about it :) So I do go all out and sometimes I will put on a little but of make up. I have to make an impression :)
9. I like to cook but I don't get many opportunities to make dinner. Reyn works a lot of later hours. So I just settle with a bowl of cereal or oatmeal.
10. I am absolutely, completely, and totally in love with Reyn! He is the greatest husband I could ever hope for. He is so good to me. He is always saying things to make me feel good. I just love him so much!

I pass this award on to:
1. Lindsey
2. Jewelia
3. Ashley
4. Aubrey
5. Trashel (sorry if i spelled it wrong)
6. Darbi
7. Nikki
*I don't really know how to do all this linking and stuff. Maybe it is simple. But too complex for me. :(


the cute ever so cute little Gunnell family :)

the foxy ladies - mom, me, aubs, amanda & hannah

The boys - the guys - the men :)

the whole family! it was so cold, haha, poor Royce had to be wrapped up. I didn't want him to get an ear infection or anything. Although i think he may have gotten sick still. Donny, Hannah and dad were all hacking.
Thanksgiving - well Reyn worked on Thursday, Royce and I ventured off to Globe to grannie's house. My family met up with us there and we had a little Thanksgiving meal with grannie B. It was fun. Royce was a good boy on the trip there, slept the whole way. Then he got super gassy and was not happy while we were there. I brought Hannah back with me and she stayed here til Saturday. It was nice having Hannah here, she played with Royce, got him laughing pretty good. It was so cute. Then Saturday morning we went up to Lakeside. It was cold to me, haha, I have become such a wimp! We got pictures - which I have posted. And stole from Aubrey's winkflash :) thanks aubs. Then we ate more turkey and potatoes and veggies and stuffing and so on and so on! LOTS of food! We hung out there watched Get Smart. Sunday we went to Sacrament meeting and then came back home to my parents, packed up and headed home. We had a great weekend. We ate a lot and I am sure gained a lot of weight. :) Thanks mom, dad, and sibs for the great time :)
We took Royce to the doctor on Tuesday Nov 25th. Poor little guy got his shots. He weighs 11 lbs 9 oz. and was 23 1/2 inches long. So he is getting bigger, but still tiny. He sure is a fun baby. When he isn't grouchy, but even then he is funny. He has a fake cry that is so pathetic. And then a real cry that breaks my heart. We love him and are so grateful for him.