Monday, April 23, 2012

Zoey Belle

She is always smiling already. Probably having her angels visit with her haha.

her silly "whistle" face

We are a family of 4!!!

Zoey is here! Well she arrived 3 weeks ago today! I just haven't had time to post. WE LOVE this precious amazing little lady! She bring such a strong spirit into our home. She is our miracle baby! Quite a fighter. :)
Zoey was 5lbs 5oz and just shy of 18 inches long. She was 19 days early. Her due date was April 21, 2012. She came April 2, 2012... My body apparently chooses to kick out my babies 19 days before they are due because Royce was also 19 days early.
Sunday night, April 1st I went into labor at 10 pm I wasn't sure if it was serious labor or just false. So I let Reyn sleep while I was wide awake roaming the house and stopping every 6 to 8 minutes for a contraction. I was texting my sister Amanda and asked her if she and Cj would mind coming over to stay with Royce if I was really in labor. She said they would come. By midnight my contractions were still very painful and instead of 6-8 minutes it was becoming 4-6 minutes. So I woke Reyn up and told him I was in labor. The first question he asked me was "what time is it?" I told him it was about 12:15, his response was oh good it isn't April Fools day. Oh gee thanks Reyn lol :) So Reyn loaded the truck up with the things we needed to take to the hospital and called Amanda and Cj. They came by 1 a.m, I think. Then Reyn and I headed to the hospital, I had 3 more painful contractions just on the car ride there. Which only took us 10 minutes to get to the hospital. Reyn dropped me off at the front I went in and signed in, then they put me in triage. I knew without a doubt that I was in full blown labor but the nurse seemed a little skeptical. She figured since I was 3 weeks early that it was probably false labor. She checked me and I was only dilated to 2 cm and 80% effaced. So at 1:30 she told me to go walk around for an hour. That was a long and painful hour, good thing I had Reyn with me to help me wander the hallways and help comfort me. We were back to my triage room by 2:40ish, and she checked me again. I was dilated 4 cm this time. So she had to admit me. After she checked me I felt like I peed the bed. And the nurse checked and said yeah that is probably just pee, then the other nurse came in and said no her water broke and there is Meconium mixed in with it. My contractions intensified very quickly! They kept me on the bed and rolled me into a room and I had to slide onto a new bed. At 3:30 I was prepped for my epidural and by 4 it was in. I could hardly stay still my contractions were so painful. I felt so sick and was shaking like crazy the whole time I was getting the epidural in. Right after I had the epidural in I asked the nurse for a bag and before I could finish my sentence I puked. I felt so bad. I got a new gown and tried to relax but I had so much pressure. The nurse left and Reyn finally laid down to try to rest. I couldn't get comfortable and by 5:30a.m the nurse came back in to check me. I told her I had bad pressure for the last hour and again she kind of seemed like I was exaggerating. She was a good nurse, I just think she was thinking that the epidural would have slowed things down. Well when she checked me I was dilate to a full 10, +1, which means her head was already seen. She immediately got a group of nurses in and woke Reyn up and they called the Doctor. At 6:06 the Dr came in, and I was so sad to not see Dr. Bullaro... She was not on call and wasn't able to get to the hospital on time. I pushed 3 times and by 6:16 a.m I had Zoey pushed out. I couldn't believe how quick it went!!! This labor and deliver was way more intense than Royce's. His was about 30 plus hours. And Zoey was here in 8! The doc had to stitch me up and I felt every needle poke so I told her I could feel my legs and everything and she had to give me lidocaine. Less than an hour after I delivered I got up and went to the bathroom. That is just how quick everything was with Zoey. With Royce I don't remember getting up as quickly. I am so glad she is here and healthy. She took to breast feeding right away and is a super eater :) We went home on Tuesday afternoon.
After we got home on Thursday Zoey had to get an echo cardiogram done. The tech did the echo and afterwards I went back to the room to feed Zoey. My phone rang, I picked it up and it was Dr John Stock, the pediatric cardiologist. He told me he had just got done looking at Zoey's echo and that her heart was perfect! I asked him if he was in his office and he said yes. I told him I was still there too! And he hung up the phone and I could hear him running down the hallway. I opened the door and he gave me a huge hug! He was so excited to get to tell me that Zoey's heart was great! We had 3 echos while I was pregnant and we weren't sure if there was going to be some complications with her heart. So the news that it was perfect was absolutely amazing!! Dr. Stock was so glad he got to meet little Zoey, When he saw her he said "you little miracle baby" She truly is a miracle! We are so blessed to have her in our little family. She is so amazing!
Royce loves his sister. He is struggling with the idea that it isn't just me and him home all day. And Zoey takes a lot of my time from him. But he really loves her so much. He calls her his beautiful little princess. When she cries he says "oh what's the matter sweetheart." It is so precious hearing him talk to her and love on her. I have been so blessed with 2 amazing little children! I love them both so much. I don't get any sleep anymore but good thing Zoey is very very adorable! She is so sweet.


Jodi and Jason said...

Oh I should not have read that while still being pregnant. I'm sorry the delivery was so awful, at least it went quickly though. She's beautiful. I'm glad her heart is perfect and she made it here safe and sound. Congratulations!!!

Cynthia Gibbons said...

Congratulations Heidi!!!
I was just thinking about you last night and wondering if you had had your little girl yet. I can't believe how TINY she is! Such a sweet girl :)
Love you girlie!

Fullerton Family said...

She was tiny!! Congrats! I love Dr. Bullaro!

Stephanie said...

She is darling! Congratulations!

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