Monday, May 9, 2011


C.j. and Amanda are married!

May 7, 2011 my little sis and Geegee got hitched!

*****These pictures are not at all in order. They do not even touch the surface of how gorgeous the wedding was and how amazing Amanda and C.j looked. But these are pictures from my camera, the few I do have of Amanda and C.j don't give them justice. But it is my blog and my pictures. So I'll do what I want :)

So Kind of a funny story. - Royce was supposed to be the ring bearer. Well right before the ceremony started Royce took the ring off the pillow and chucked it as far as he could. Luckily Hannah was in charge of the cd player. The ring rolled under a table by her and she was able to get it back on the pillow before the wedding started. Royce was not their ring bearer he didn't want anything to do with it. Uncle Donny got to bring the rings to the bride and groom. Donny had no idea what to do ha, good thing he stepped up though and took over for Royce.

Ok another funny story before we get to the pictures. Right when President Shumway was announcing "Mr. and Mrs Nikolaus" Reyn was handing Royce over to me. Right when I got Royce he let out a toot, not a very quiet one either. All of us on our row were trying so hard to keep it together. And not bust out laughing . Oh Royce only you could be so ornery and still be so cute!

here is my smokin hot outfit haha. :)

i love my red shoes!

my 2 very good looking boys!

4 generation picture. Royce decided to throw a fake fit and fake cry. He was feisty at the wedding. Royce, me, my mom(Royce's grandma) , my mom's dad(Royce's great grandpa).

Royce being a big boy sitting at the table eating his sandwich (sanditch-how he says it)

The best picture we got of the 3 of us from my camera. Seriously Royce would not cooperate the whole day.

Just the 2 of us! We look great :) just saying.

Royce decided he had had it with pictures. He stomped all the way down to the preschool across the street from the church. He just wanted to on the "wee", the slide. This top picture is Reyn bringing him back.

The picture below is Royce storming off in such protest. He had somewhere to go something to do and he didn't want to stay with the wedding line. No more pictures for him.

Another picture of my very active run away boy.

And another one.

The bride and groom cutting their cake!

Amanda's niece (well one them) She loved Amanda's dress and wanted to sit on her lap a lot. It was so cute!

I took this picture in the studio with my phone camera. It is kind of blurry. But Amanda still looks great!

Getting Amanda ready for the pictures and then the wedding! It was fun to have all us sisters in there helping her. Sam Ross was the most help. She did Amanda's hair and helped get everything together. She drove Amanda around. What a great friend to Amanda. Thanks Sam for everything! :)



Ashley said...

Yay! Congrats Amanda! Hunter saw the picture of just you and Reyn, he says, "it's Heidi! Who's that!?!" and pointed to Reyn. I said that's Royce's dad. He shook his head and said No! Don't say that! hahaha