Friday, September 24, 2010

we've been super busy

Royce at the 2ND reception at the Cox's house. It was so beautiful! (sorry pictures are way out of order)

Royce helping me do dishes last night. So happy playing in the water!

I took him to the park to feed the ducks and play in the sand. He didn't want to leave.

We went to a birthday party at Jump and Shout (i think that's what it is called) And Royce went down the slide on his belly. Sorry the picture is so blurry.

Reyn throwing Royce up the slide.

Royce came running into me crying and I asked him what happened and he said "Bebe Ena" She is only 4 months old and was sitting in her bouncer. I am not sure what really happened but he got another black eye out of it.

Royce tripped and fell and got a fat lip. He's been a disaster the last few weeks

Royce feeding bebe ena. Her name is Lena but he has his own names for her.

We took Royce to the splash park and apparently he loves it now. Before when we would take him he would cry and want to be held. This time we didn't come prepared and he wanted to play.

Coming back from his first day at Joy School. I love how he holds his back pack haha.

Leaving for Joy School. He had no idea what he was in for. He cried like crazy when I dropped him off. I felt awful. In fact I felt so bad that when I got to the truck I cried like a baby. :( But I know it is good for him to spend time with the other kids. And get some learning in as well.

This was at Aubrey and Patrick's reception. Royce tried to stuff the entire cupcake into his mouth! PIG!

This was my first day of Joy School with the kids. We had a good time. I have taught one other time since this. We each take turns having the kids come to our houses. I think we are going on 4 weeks this up coming week. I do know it will be beneficial for Royce. If anything help him come out of his shy shell.

Royce is always hugging Lena. He loves her so much. When we don't have her he asked me "A Go Bebe Ena?" And he looks all over for her. We watch her 3 days a week 12 hours a day. And Royce just can't get enough of her.

This is Patrick! The newest member of our family! Aubrey's husband! Royce finally warmed up to him for a few minutes and I got a picture for proof. :)

this is the outfit I wore to the wedding. He colors were orange, hot pink, brown and green. I was missing green from my outfit. But Reyn had a Green shirt on.

We've had so much going on the last few weeks. It all started with Aubrey and Patrick's wedding. Which all turned out gorgeous! Both receptions looked amazing. And the sealing was amazing! I am glad that I got to take part in it all. I didn't get pictures at all. All I have is my camera on my phone and well you see how great the pictures are. Some really are and some really suck haha. Plus we were just super busy with everything. So we had the wedding, luncheon and then the reception the same night. Two weeks later we had the 2nd reception. Right after the wedding that following Monday I started watching Lena, she is 4 months old and ADORABLE! I watch her Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. On that Wed after the wedding I taught Joy School first time teaching for me first time attending Joy School for the kids. It was eventful. So weekly now my Mon, Tues, Wed and Saturdays are pretty well booked. Which I am very grateful for because I wanted to have as many things I could to keep me busy while Reyn is in school. It makes the time go by quicker and it helps me and Royce stay out of Reyn's way. Royce has been a wreck lately. He fell down and got a fat lip a few weeks ago. Then that same week he fell off the computer chair and smacked his face. He got a black eye on his left eye I think. Then a week after that is when he came into me blaming Lena. And he had a black eye on the other eye. And recently we went to a birthday party and Reyn and Royce were sliding down the slide. And Royce started screaming in severe pain. We looked and he was holding his wrist really weird so the first thought that went through my mind was he did something bad to his wrist. Well after a few minutes he started moving his wrist and we checked his hand. He didn't want it to be touched. Well luckily he is still young enough that he recovers quickly and didn't have a chance of anything broken. That night we came home and I gave him some Motrin and put a cool wash cloth on his hand. Which he kept on until I put him to bed. The next morning he woke up and was still holding his hand up and showing me it was hurt. I am pretty sure he just jammed his pointer and middle finger. They have some bruising on the insides. But he is using them and able to do everything still the same. Every once in a while he remembers they were hurt and he will show me them. But he has recovered pretty quickly. Our lives won't be slowing down anytime soon. But we are happy to be busy. Anything to pass the time with Reyn's schooling. That's all for now, sorry it is such a long and boring post. I just need to keep it up for my journal purposes.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Royce is 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! & San Diego post

this is our new table! Reyn's dad made it for us! We got to bring it back from San Diego this last trip! We love it! Dad Doug did a wonderful job with this! I think it is his finest work so far!

On our drive back to the condo from Coronado Island Royce sat in his car seat and read all about the car toys haha. The drive was like 15 or 20 mins and he was like this pretty much the entire time.

Royce loves to play in the water

So this picture is so funny! royce spilled some of his water on the table and Reyn was watching him and Royce lifted up his shirt to try to clean the water spill haha! So we handed him a napkin and he cleaned the spill and then some haha. He is such a funny boy!

Royce in San Diego on the bed sporting his new spongebob jammies! He also loves Bob bob (Spongebob)

the bday cake, my mom got it for Royce! He LOVES CARS! He was so so so excited for his little cake!

Royce's new tent

Pizza for the 2nd bday party with my family!

Reyn and Royce checking out all the new toys.

the kids helping Royce open his presents.

The sub we got for the bday party with Reyn's family.

* Well Royce is 2 years old! I can't believe it has already been 2 years! He is so fun and energetic! He has such a wonderful spirit about him. We are so grateful for our little man! We had a swim party with Reyn's sisters and their kids the night before his bday. We had subs and snores. YUM! I didn't do good at taking many pictures and the ones i posted are all blurry sorry.
* Then on his birthday Aug 24th my family was here to celebrate! He is such a loved little boy! He got so many presents. And he does a great job at being excited about all of them haha. He is so expressive! We had a lot of fun watching him open his presents and then bringing them to uncle Donny haha. He got the dinosaur Rex from the movie Toy Story and at first he yelled "dinosaur!" Then once he discovered it makes a noise he was terrified of it. And now he will look at it and say "dinosaur" but if i ask if he wants it he shakes his head no. so maybe he will warm up to it eventually haha.
* We took him to the doc he is 24 lbs. The doc said I need to bring him back in 6 months for a weight check. He said he isn't at failure to thrive but he is barely on the charts. Then the doc said that we aren't very big people so Royce is just going to be on the smaller end. He said Royce looks great and looks healthy just small. So I just need to keep doing what I am doing and try to get him to eat. (which has been an ongoing battle since he turned 18 months) He does however drink lots and lots of milk. So at least he is getting something. Royce is such a great kid. He has his wild fits. but over all he is a lot of fun. He is learning so fast. He probably says about 50 different words. But only when he wants to say them haha. He has started to put together 3 word sentences. He will grab his and my shoes and say "momma shoes outside" He loves to go outside and take walks. We go out every night before bed and let him run the neighborhood. He says more 3 word sentences but I can't think of any right now. I know real good mom haha. Lately though he has been tattling on me to Reyn. If I tell Royce it is bed time and try to get him to relax and get ready for bed he runs to Reyn and points at me and says "dadda, momma..... jabber jabber jabber." But he does it whenever Reyn is home now. If I tell him what to do or what not to do I get tattled on. Oh well haha.
* We took one last summer trip to San diego on Aug 26th. We came back on Sunday. It was a great little vacation. Reyn's aunt Lynn and Uncle Joe came down from Stockton to visit us. And we had a great time visiting with them. We really enjoyed Reyn's 3 week break from school.
Now he is in full swing with school again. And Royce and I are back to just hanging out. On Monday I will start watching a little girl from our ward. I will have her 2 days a week. Then on Wed I start the first day of Joy school here at our house. I am kind of nervous for it. But very excited at the same time. I think it will be great for Royce to interact with other kids. And get some learning time in as well. It will be a busy couple of months. But I am excited for it all. Whatever helps make time go by faster with Reyn is school.
And that is what has been going on with us. :)