Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Royce loves to be outside

his first time on the swing. He was pointing at an airplane asking "What's that?"

first time going down the slide, not much of a reaction

Riding on the Zebra, he was so thirsty he didn't really care about anything else.

Going for a walk in our neighborhood. He stops to look at everything on the ground and in the air.

Well I am sooo glad that the weather is getting better! I love winters in Mesa! So nice! And now that it is finally cooling down we can go outside! Which Royce LOVES! He always wants to go on walks and ask me what everything is. Not that he knows or really understands what he is saying. But it's cute and fun to talk with him. And have him jabber back at me. He says a few things that I think he knows the meaning. But over all it is just jibber jabber. We have so much fun with Royce he is getting so big so fast! So we are really trying hard to soak it all in. And enjoy every minute of him.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Well today Reyn flew out to Philadelphia. He has an interview at PCOM, a Physician assistant program. He interviewed with PCOM in Jan 09, but was put on a waiting list. This year he was invited to go to their first week of interviews. Which is a very good thing. :) When he interviewed in Jan it was their last week of interviews. SO there is a good chance that they like his application and they could give him a seat at their school for their upcoming classes. Him interviewing now gets him into the June 2010 classes. We are hoping and praying that he gets accepted. Tomorrow he interviews he will do just fine we just hope they agree and accept him.
Reyn also has 2 other interviews in October. One on Oct 23rd, he flies out to California to interview at USC. And then the other one here in Mesa at At-Still on Oct 30th. We are very excited for these interviews. We are praying that somewhere will let us in so we can start the next chapter in our lives. We are anxious and ready to get P.A. school done and over with. We know it will be rough, but the end result will be well worth it.

On another note Royce is growing sooo fast! He is mostly walking everywhere. Still a bit wobbly and does settle for a crawl once in a while. He follows me around the house now sometimes happy, usually whining, haha. But he is so much fun. He is always trying to get us to laugh. His latest thing is fake sneezing. Donny would fake sneeze every time he saw Royce and it would make Royce laugh. Now Royce fake sneezes to make us laugh. He also does it so I will say "Bless you" to him. Which makes him laugh too. He is so funny! We love our little guy. He keeps us busy often. Right now he is cutting his molars. Well trying anyways, they have not been soo fun to deal with. He is actually in a lot of pain and isn't eating half as good. And he gets grouchy. But hopefully these dang molars will come in soon and we won't have to put up with grouchy Royce too much longer. Poor bub.

Well that's about all to talk about for now.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Royce discovered that he can reach the piano. He is always playing :)

He loves his new rocking chair. He is always climbing on it and standing on it and moving it around. He gets it to the piano and climbs the rocking chair and then stands on the arm of it and gets on his tippy toes and tries to climb onto the piano. So i have to watch him even more now, he is a busy busy boy! (like his kissy face?)
This picture! He is pretty much walking! He will walk from the couch to the tv. And from the coffee table to the couch. He randomly just stands up and walks where ever he wants to go. He is still a beginner, but soon to be an expert. He is such a big boy! I can't believe he is just about walking full time. It is a sad/exciting/rewarding feeling! i can't believe it! (like his tongue hanging out?) it helps him balance i guess. Well our little baby is becoming our little boy! We love you Royce!
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